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Video: Mauro Ranallo Debates Fedor With Dana White, Golden Glory & UFC 133

I don't like his commentary that much but props to Mauro for not backing down to Dana.

Good stuff right there.

Leaving for Philly in the morning. UFC 133 may not be a great card but I should be able to meet the fighters this time which is a bonus. Enjoy the fights.

Sweet, I still haven't been to a UFC. I'm going to try and hit the Cruz/Johnson card at the Verizon Center. Throw some pics up if you get to meet anyone!!

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Also if anyone has a stream could they pm it to me?

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"UFC 133 Sopcast" official picks:

Mike Brown vs. Nam Phan:

Poor Mike Brown was on top of the world just two years ago. He was the WEC FW Champ, had defended the belt a few times, including a defense against the current 145 king Urijah Faber and things were looking good. Then Jose Aldo came along. Since losing the belt to Aldo, he's lost three out of five, including a KO loss to Manny Gamburyan. This is a good fight for him to get back in track, but a loss here will probably have him cut from the UFC. I think he has what it takes to finish this one standing, but if nothing else at least he knows the judges hate Nam Phan.

Brown by TKO round 1

Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshi Akiyama:

I thought Belfort was going to at least give Anderson Silva a hard time because his hands are so good. Unfortunately, he forgot to prepare for kicks and took a front kick to the mouth in round 1. Akiyama is no slouch though, his standup is proficient and Belfort is going to avoid clinching with him like the plague. Akiyama's ground game is good as well, but so is Belfort's (he's placed in ADCC) even though he doesn't like to use it. Belfort's boxing proves to be too much.

Belfort by KO Round 2

Rashad Evans vs. Tito Ortiz II:

Tito would've won this fight the first time around had he not grabbed the cage and lost a point, which made it a draw. Tito claims to be fully healthy now and I want to believe that he's going to come in and give Rashad trouble (which he could) but Rashad has gotten a lot better since their last fight as well. Rashad's standup is better and he still shoots one of the best double legs in MMA. I think Tito is the bigger, stronger fighter and his wrestling is just as good as Rashad's for MMA. I'd love to see Tito come in and find a way to finish this fight and do his gravedigger routine again and make this into a feel-good story, but I give the advantage to the younger, more conditioned fighter.

Rashad by UD in a wrestling match

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I'm shocked that Tito would take this fight so quickly after his last victory. Why not wait another few months?

It was originally supposed to be Jon Jones vs. Evans for the title, then Jones had to step out because of an injury, so Phil Davis stepped in but injured his knee in training, then Tito decided to step in.

I guessing his thinking is that he's still in good shape from the training camp for the Bader fight (in which he didn't suffer any damage) so he would just have to focus on his gameplan and maintain his conditioning. Plus a win over Rashad would probably guarantee him a title shot. So it was just a good opportunity.

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It was originally supposed to be Jon Jones vs. Evans for the title, then Jones had to step out because of an injury, so Phil Davis stepped in but injured his knee in training, then Tito decided to step in.

Thanks for the explanation. I didn't know the story behind it. It still seems a little too rushed in my opinion.

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UFC 133: The Replacements


MacDonald via 3rd RD TKO.

Ebersole vs. Hallman, this is a fairly classic fight for hardcore MMA fans. Both have really good wrestling, although Hallman will probably want the takedown a little more than Ebersole. I think Ebersole can stay off his back and work his striking enough to take the decision. Ebersole decision.

Vitor Belfort vs. Yoshihiro Akiyama: SU says it perfectly: When I'm this sure of a pick, it will usually be wrong. Might want to pick Akiyama everyone. Belfort by 2nd RD TKO.

Rashad Evans vs. Watermelon Head: Rashad's ring rust, the separation from Jackson's camp. He looks bulked up and I think Tito can tire him out if he doesn't get cracked. Hard to make more of a case for Tito. He has a good submission game and that ugly right hand got the job last time...you just never know. Sometimes there's no rhyme or reason to it, but it happens. Tito by decision.

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Quick Picks:

Gustafsson over Hammil, Unanimous Decision

Mendes over Yahya, (T)KO Round 2

MacDonald over Pyle, Unanimous Decision

Hallman over Ebersole, Unanimous Decision

Belfort over Akiyama, (T)KO Round 2

Evans over Tito, (T)KO Round 3

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Prelims are on Spike TV now.

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