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Working till 10pt (like always). this time I'll be dvr'ing and watching with friends after work instead of in my office.

I hear Lawlor was pretty funny at the weigh-ins. Pics should be good.

Opiate, I'll PM you a link to the fight if I find one. My site is pretty good but sometimes doesn't have them up right away. I hate waiting and then seeing how long the video is. I'll find the video and it will load real quick, I'll look down and see 6:52 and I'll know it was a quick one or it will say 32:10 and I'll know it when to decision. That always sucks.

I actually have a site where I can get a torrent for it fairly quickly without knowing who won. I just have to stay away from the comments, and well, any of the other MMA sites I normally visit during work.

This is one of the few fights that I really want to watch live, with my buddies, and a bunch of beer.

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I hear Lawlor was pretty funny at the weigh-ins. Pics should be good.

Tom Lawlor as Dan Severn


Love this guy. He also has something planned for his entrance music. I am hoping it is the Team America song.

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If anyone saw the Kimbo vs Mitrione stare down it was one of the most intense stare downs I've seen and apparently they almost came to blows backstage right after.

patrick_cote: Mitrione and Kimbo almost fight backstage after the weight in #ufc !!!! about 18 hours ago via web


And look at the epic t-shirt Dana is wearing.


It's good to see the Korean Zombie getting some love.

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That's awesome to see Dana wearing that shirt!

:ols: @ the tags "Urijah Faber's leg" & "Giant Silva"

Man I hope Kimbo knocks Mitrione out. As long as he doesn't gas he's got a decent chance IMO.

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dont forget, MMA Live has a hour long preview of UFC 112 tonight at 9pm on ESPN 2 and the post fight show at 1am on ESPN 2.

UFC 113: sponsored by Cecil People's school of MMA Judging, where leg kicks are meaningless

Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher: Belcher has looked good lately in the cage. Cote has great power and arguably the best chin in MMA, but i cant see him coming back after 18 months without a considerable amount of rust to his game. Cote's chin will allow him to see the final bell though

Alan Belcher by Unanimous Decision

Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens: Stephens cant stand with Stout, not sure if Stout can stop stephen's takedowns either. got a feeling stephens will be too brave on the feet and pay the price for it

Stout by (T)KO, 2nd Round

Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione: it will be interesting to see how Kimbo deals with the size disadvantage. god help us all should this fight actually go to the ground. first person to land the bomb wins, i say Mitrione lands first

Matt Mitrione by (T)KO, 1st Round

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley: Koscheck can make this a very easy fight if he remembers he is a wrestler first. a little over a year ago, Paul Daley lost to Nick Thompson because he couldn't stop a takedown. thompson isnt 1/5 of the wrestler Koscheck is. Should Kosheck choose to stand he deserves the KO that will surely follow. now that Dana has said the winner of this fight gets next crack at GSP (and a coaching job on the next season of TUF), i cant imagine Koscheck will be taking many chances on the feet.

Koscheck by Submission, 2nd Round

Lyoto Machida vs. Shogun Rua: i have gone back and forth on this match at least 50 times. Shogun was very effective against Machida's style in the first fight so now we get to see if Machida is capable of changing his gameplan. also we will see how someone reacts to Machida now that they've seen his game for a full 25minutes. i expect one of these two fighters to be more aggressive from the start of the fight, i'm just not sure who it will be. if its shogun, it will give Machida better opportunities to counter. if Machida is the aggressor, it might force Shogun to rethink his strategy. honestly i'm still not sure who's going to win this fight, i'll probably change my mind 10 more times before the first bell is rung.

Machida by Split Decision

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UFC 113: Return of "The Beast", picks:

Patrick Cote vs. Alan Belcher: Belcher is so inconsistent, but when he's on he looks great. In one of his recent fights (think it was against Sexyama) he was totally ignoring his corner. I think if he bares down in this fight and takes it seriously he will pull out a victory. Cote's octagon rust may help that cause even more.

Belcher, Unanimous Decision.

Kimbo Slice vs. Matt Mitrione: Surprisingly enough, Kimbo might be able to out-wrestle Mitrione and go to work on the ground. I think getting in to a throw-em fest standing up would pretty much negate all the technical training Kimbo has undergone at ATT. Sure, he may as well drop Mitrione, but it might not be worth the risk. The safe thing for Kimbo to do here is work as methodically as he can. Get Mitrione to be weary of things other than just fists, get him off balance, like I dunno, a Mixed Martial Artist. I think Kimbo can do that, because judging by the Houston Alexander fight, he's certainly not wading in to huge exchanges anymore.

Kimbo, TKO, round 2.

Sam Stout vs. Jeremy Stephens: Big Stout fan, the beer and the fighter. Which reminds me I'll be honoring Sam's last name about 10 times during the fights tonight, but that's a discussion for the beer thread. All but one of Sam's 8 fights in the UFC have gone to a decision. That's ridiculous. You have to be a showman if you do that and nobody talks **** about your style. I'll go out on a limb here and say he finally stops somebody in the organization.

Stout, TKO, round 3.

Josh Koscheck vs. Paul Daley: We all know what Daley is going to go for. Watch at 3:00 of this video. Koscheck keeps talking about standing up with Daley, which would be insane. He very well could swing away and tag Daley, but why even risk it? If he trades with Daley and gets knocked out, I'm sorry, but he will have deserved it. Paw a little, sure. Setup the takedown, why not? Pound him out, definitely.

Koscheck, TKO, round 1.

Lyoto Machida vs. Mauricio Rua: I have a feeling we'll see another classic here. This fight has been discussed ad nausium. One thing I'll point out is that everyone is saying Machida needs to be more aggressive in this fight. I think if anything he does will be aggressive, it will be a few takedowns he has in store this time out. Otherwise he should stay away from the kicks that plagued him last time and keep more distance. I think it enables him to use his angles better. This idea that he should be more aggressive is kind of something out of thin air. Why would he want to do that? He's a counter puncher. I think Machida wins another close fight, and it will be enough to spur a few Shogun fans to break some of their expensive possessions.

Machida, Split Decision.

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Franklin McNeal just reporting that Shogun has gone through his camp with an injured right knee. :doh:

He's also pointing out that Shogun looked a little soft at the weigh ins. Kind of like the way he looked against Forrest. Not good. Call your bookies!

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I don't think PMs are necessary. I understand why they keep it on the DL at popular MMA forums, but we can say it here.

Download the Veetle Player and then watch from here:


Yea I wasn't sure but here is the direct link. http://veetle.com/view/index.html#4bd0931c5ffe9


Just asked and Dana White and he said NOT TRUE to ESPN's report of a Shogun injury. We'll see #MMA #UFC

Kevin Lole via Yahoo sports live blog


Shogun told Dana both knees are 100 percent OK. #UFC #MMA

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