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My thoughts exactly. I'm thinking he latches on and pulls guard rather than getting slammed or punched in to it. I think his best chance is to make this a ground battle with a clear mind.
Yeah, that's pretty much what I'm thinking.
Nobody knows about Lesners cardio, so it should be interesting.

Actually, Lesner has pretty impressive cardio, as Chacie mentioned in his post about the Lesnar vs. Herring match.

Not only are wrestlers typically known for their ridiculous cardio stamina, according to my fiance, the Minn. coach is notorious for keeping his wrestlers insanely cardiovascularly conditioned. He's now Brock's personal coach, and there's no way he'd let Lesnar slack on the cardio part of his training. I'm not saying it's definitely not going to be a factor, but I think people make that too much of a big deal when it comes to Lesnar, primarily because he's such a huge guy.

Anyway, I was just talking about the fights with my fiance, making our own personal predicitions, and that's what he relayed to me about that part of Brock's training staff.

Did you see the UFC 100 special they had on this afternoon with Lesnar and Mir watching their previous fight and giving commentary? Mir said something to the effect of if he fought Lesnar 100 times he would win 99 and could easily beat him standing up. Joe Rogan's reaction was hilarious though because he was like if he does that he'll get his *** kicked. I think you're right though about Mir. He is way too overconfident and takes himself way too seriously with these comments whereas Lesnar does a lot of it for entertainment value. I don't watch UFC very often but I think there is an interesting dynamic between the two and it should be an excellent fight.

Yeah, I saw a couple clips from that. I would love Mir and Lesnar to stand up, that would be totally out of control...albeit probably pretty short.

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Turning off my phone and starting my media blackout until I can get home and watch.

Shyould be goiod. I hope they show some old footage and do a montage. It would be cool to have Royce make an appearance, but I don't see it happening.

Just saw the weigh in pics and they are making me rethink the GSP-Alves fight. I never seen GSP look samll next to his opponent.

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