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I'm not sure why this fight is a main event, but the first round was somewhat entertaining. 


Kind of amazing how Nate and the UFC just started acting Nate Diaz is a great fighter and got fans to just play along.  He's never been that.  



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Nate is getting his ass whipped pretty thoroughly


when the best thing you're showing is "toughness", probably not a good sign

you can't preach fighter safety, then get mad at the independent doctor for doing their job

Masvidal was winning that fight everywhere it went, I really didn't need to see 2 more rounds of it

I don't really want a rematch, much more interesting fights for Masvidal out there


Nate clearly is not on his level

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Good card.


Went to a club and arrived right after the Lee finish so I can't comment on that...but

Ivanov might have the best chin in MMA,

Thompson looks like he's improved his striking. Most impressive performance I've seen out of him in a while.

Was hoping Gastellum would win because I really want a Gastellum-Adesanya rematch for obvious reasons, however Till is still a legit force.

Regarding the doctor stoppage, I think that...Nate Diaz was suprised mother ****ers.

Kind of ironic that a belt titled BMF is stopped due to such a questionable cut.


TIme to stop the BMF BS, please.

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What sucks about the fight ending after 3 rounds is the fact that Masvidal was slowing down a lot in the 3rd.  He still very likely wins the fight due to being up 3 rounds, but Nate seemed to be reserving his gas tank for Rounds 4 & 5.    Nate is usually always at a disadvantage at the beginning of fights because he lacks the 1-punch KO or even 1-punch stun power.  He wins based on volume, pressure, relentlessness.   Supposedly he had an injury during training camp which prevented him train for a 5 round fight the way he normally would.  Props to Masvidal though, those cuts didn't just magically appear. 


There could be a rematch in the future but I don't see it immediately.   Jorge winning likely gets him the winner of Usman/Colby, where as Nate losing could mean Dana throws away any chance of McGregor/Cowboy and instead goes with the McGregor/Diaz trilogy fight.   

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1 hour ago, StillUnknown said:

judging by the interview, Nick should not be cleared to do any fighting. I hope I'm wrong, but he sounded like a man that is fighting the bottle and losing


He smokes a lot of weed, he was likely high.  The Diaz brothers are actually running a pretty successful CBD company, which is likely contributing to why they have been so indifferent to fighting in the last couple of years.  They have always been a little out there in that sense to begin with, professing how they love martial arts but not necessarily fighting, but do it anyway. 

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10 hours ago, d0ublestr0ker0ll said:

Do you guys feel that since everybody is getting their bases covered - jiu-jitsu, wrestling, and Muay Thai - that outskirt martial arts like Taekwondo are making a comeback?  Surprise moves seem to make a lot of a difference these days.


they don't tend to work much at the higher levels though. When they do work, its usually because the fighter has incorporated the surprise moves into a fundamentally solid game.


9 hours ago, NoCalMike said:

I really hope Cowboy has the fight of his life and ruins UFC's plans of hot-shotting Conor into a title fight should he beat Cerrone. 


If Cerrone were smart, he'd train nothing but wrestling and work Conor on the ground. I absolutely believe Cerrone's ground game is good enough to tap or damage Conor with ground and pound. I also absolutely believe that Cerrone will not choose to go that route. 

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8 hours ago, StillUnknown said:


they don't tend to work much at the higher levels though. When they do work, its usually because the fighter has incorporated the surprise moves into a fundamentally solid game.


That's what I'm saying.  Since people have solid bases, they include some wild techniques from other traditional martial arts.

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