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Living in America, it's weird to see a white guy suddenly start speaking in a different language like that. Darren Till is now an honorary Thiago.


might be the first & only time in life I hear Portuguese spoken with a Liverpool accent

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Jimmo puking because of getting kicked in the balls. Looks like he's gonna keep going. Can't believe he's going to keep fighting. Another groin strike might kill him.

I've never been hit hard enough that I puked. That has to be awful.

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that was a hell of a fight, great win for Do Bronx, but credit to Lentz for surviving the 1st round and making it a war


Do Bronx doesn't have the credentials, but his jiu-jitsu is as dangerous and aggressive as anyone in MMA.

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Condit was almost as flawless as Cerrone was the weekend before. There was more one-sided damage in those two fights than I've seen in the previous 10 events.

Chachie's gonna be heartbroken that his guy Noons got choked out in the first round 



Crushed.  ;)

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