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Bendo obviously took that one. 2-1 Thatch...main event rounds, Thatch in uncharted waters.

Not sure why Benson gave up back control to go for an armbar, it rarely works at this level of MMA

Yeah, would've liked to seen him explode in to some RNC attempts, but time was expiring and he needed something. I can understand. Round was already his.

God damn, perfectly timed takedown, this is championship experience paying off.

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Thatch's face look beat to hell, I'm shocked Benson had the success he had standing. He was far more competitive striking than I thought he would be.


Reportedly, most or all of the visual facial damage on Thatch, was from just a single fore-arm.


Which reminds me, I feel bad for Cole Miller. I kind of feel he got screwed by the head-butt(s), even though they were accidental.

The blood pourng into his eye for the almost the entire fight, as a direct result from at least the 1st headbutt, was quite a handicap in his vision.

And that fight was close enough, that that handicap could have easily made a difference in the fight

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I think not having to drain himself making weight helped Bendo's chin. Maybe Dos Anjos has unreal power, but I'm willing to bet that Thatch hits harder than he does. Dos Anjos cracked Ben's chin, Thatch didn't, despite landing some clean power shots with hands and even a couple with his knees.


If Thatch wants to be a serious threat in the division, he has to work his defensive wrestling and cardio. He can carve out a niche as a pure action fighter and make for some damn good fights, but I think he can be more than that. Those trips he hit on Bendo in the 2nd round were great.

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I was thinking about that the other day in regards to the Reebok sponsorship money. It was stated that sponsorship money will be allocated based on ranking.



Or based on hot looks :) .......


Dana White: Paige VanZant landed Reebok sponsorship because she has the 'it factor'





Thatch got a lesson from a veteran. Not uncommon for a young up and coming fighter to look good early against a vet, but slowly have his will broken.  Experience in the cage is a big x factor.


In addition to getting more experience - if Thatch worked on his ground game, he could probably go far

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That was a great fight the other night. I like Stephen Thompson but there's no way that fight would've been as exciting as the one with Bendo. I think he'll hang at 155 for another fight or two then drop back down. He's definitely a 155er. Nice to see him move up and get a win though. 

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