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Mighty Mouse seems to be getting better.  He does pretty much everything well but he used to be all about the judges score cards, now he has finished three fighters in a row.  


Look out world, Demetrious is going to make you care about flyweights.   

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Kennedy's directing his anger at the wrong one, should be more pissed with the ref than anybody.


Exactly. I did not like it, but the worst thing that would have happened was a point deduction. It would not have mattered in the end. It might be a little bit of poor sportsmanship, but Big John needs to be a little more proactive there.   

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"He's a legit force, bigger than I've ever seen," White told Ariel Helwani after the fight. "Bigger than Brock Lesnar. Let's just say we're way over budget. The numbers, we attributed it to Conor."


White also confirmed that McGregor was bigger than "king" Georges St. Pierre.


Dana just can't help himself......

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He loves stretching the truth, that's for sure. 



One thing I can say though is that McGregor gives the 145lb division a much-needed boost of excitement. Featherweight's had its moments but Aldo isn't the most exciting champ to represent the weight class. 

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Cung Le tests positive for HGH:





Not that we needed a test to know that he was juiced out of his mind. 


Yeah, that is the least surprising suspension ever. It is unfortunate, but I don't think anyone was caught off guard by that one. My first thought when i saw it yesterday, was "at least he lost the fight." There would have been a lot more controversy if he actually won. 

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