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My life goals......

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Include going to see at least one Skins home game, and at least one skins away game.

This year, as i have probably already posted at least thirty times, I am attending the Titans home game.


I plan to visit you wonderfull people across the pond again for an away game in 2009. I've planned it all out. I'll work for 6 months in what will be my gap year before university, and that should adequately cover the costs of flights accomodation and game tickets in either New York, Philly, or Dallas. (Id like it to be a Divisional game.) I've always liked the idea of walking around either the big apple or Philly or 'Big-D' with my Skins jersey on, singing hail to the redskins. I do plan on getting out of there alive though so I'd appreciate any advice on which city to visit. What are the stadiums like? Whats the atmosphere towards Skins fans? Is it dangerous? Do a lot of Skins fans visit?


(EDIT - I just read on www.stadiumsofnfl.com that the Giants and Cowboys will both have new stadiums by 2009!!)

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