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Please help! Looking for seats, any home game; sections 120-123 OR 101-102/141-142

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My girlfriend is from Ireland and has never been to an American football game. She keeps talking about how soccer fans are the only real sports fans, blah blah blah (and she keeps refering to this "soccer" as football, which is really annoying).

So I'm going to take her to a game or two this year, and I really need primo seats for at least one game to maximize the 'wow' factor.

Please help if you are able!

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Ticketliquidators has dozens of tickets in your required areas. You can sort the tix by section. There are other sites as well, but ticketliquidators typically has the largest selection. Hope this helps.

Thanks. Can you say ouch? $389 per ticket, 50 yard line, row 20.

I'm hoping someone with a sense of Redskins brotherly love - who just can't make it to a game because of a scheduling conflict - wants to sell me a pair of seats for face value.

I can always dream, right? :)

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I can sell you two tickets in Section 103, Row 21, Seats 15 and 16 for the home opener on September 11 (vs. the Vikings) -- it's a Monday and starts at 7:00 pm. The tickets including Red pass parking (on the left-hand side of Arena Drive outside the stadium lots -- btw it's not as bad as it sounds and it's easy to get out) have a face value of $233. Let me know if you're interested.

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