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Has anyone here played "Star Control (sega),"Star control 2" 3DO and SC3 on PC?


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My brother and I were talkin' the other day about this game...Man,was this game awesome...

Forget any other space game from the Star wars installments to any of the star trek games as well...This game was just flat out great!This was when Companies were actually innovative with creation and trying to make a good game,instead of sloppin' a stickerprice on an empty CD/Dvd case before the programmers got to sit down! :(

I'm more of a sports fanatic gamer myself,but this was the greatest Space/adventure game I have ever played!

It's the only game that I know,that if Madden 07 and Star control 4 were sitting on a shelf next to one another on the same release date(aug 22)and I only had enough for 1 of them....I would actually have to think for a few minutes before grabbing Madden! :laugh: It's that good...IMO!

And it had the actual planatery systems like in real life...(Not made up ,like most games)Like alpha centari and so on....along with our planets Venus,Saturn and so forth...

Then you would mine them with (moons or planets)Some harder than others to control,due to gravitation pull...you could find artifacts that would improve your ship(oh..and there were many ships...Many awesome ships)

Each had a primary weapon...A secondary weapon and then a Special weapon...for each ship of your choice..very cool...

You could play the adventure part,which would allow you to aquire allies to join your fleet...or you could go head to head in the melee game against a friend..choosing any ship of your choice...

It's the only other game I played as much as (remember)Tecmo Bowl and even MADDEN...All the maddens... :D

I so wish they would make one for the ps2!!

If they did make it,but only for the X-box(which I don't have...)Like that 1 game everyone loves...Can't remember the game?? It's like 5 letter word I think?

Well....anyways!I would go an buy the X-box! :laugh: (seriously)

Maybe they will make it for the ps3?I don't know...

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Starflight was great. I loved that you could use one of those "eggs" to blow up a planet and that the gravitational pull varied from world to world and that space really felt like one vast scary void. I mean, that music was frightening for Sega Genesis. I loved collecting the different ores and trying to get back to the ship before the rover took too much damage from earthquakes, bio-forms or weather. Wasn't it great going on a stormy planet with red skies?

Wait, you're talking about Star Control but I think Starflight was the one you're talking about with different grav pulls and the like.

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