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As requested in the "REAL American" thread of July 3rd, and after some thought, I have agreed to allow people to REQUEST to be added to my ignore list. This would mean that I will not see your posts unless quoted by another poster and therefore you would not get responses to your posts from me. YOU would still see my posts, unless you put me on your ignore list.

Before you make the request realize that this is similar to the higher ends of the Russian Roulette thread from a while back. This is a permanent thing. Once on the list you don't ever come off it.

There are Eighteen posters already on my ignore list, who do not have to make this request. They are: B.A.M.F., blloyd33, BlueEyes15, dfitzo53, Heidenreich, hwmayfield, Isifhan, JeffSchmeff, jrockster77, MoeRedskins, MossPortisTaylorRocky, NewBlood81, onedrop, PleaseBlitz, PokerPacker, rincewind, Spaceman Spiff, & trimee.

If you're on that list and don't know why, I suggest going back and looking at any threads you and I have both posted in over the last couple days. More than likely you said something that either struck me as irrelevant and pointless to the thread or something that just ticked me off.

As the person who requested this thread pointed out, we'll see exactly how many people take me up on this offer.

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A wonderful MSF goodbye to the three newest members of my ignore list. This isn't a thread for commentary. If you don't want onto the list, just pretend the thread doesn't exist and go about your business.

:laugh: :rolleyes: :laugh: :rolleyes:

too bad you cant see this......WTF!!!!

see you later, we'll miss you


how can we know we are really on the ingnore list....this is the BEST THREAD EVER!!!!

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Mass, I recommend you not put any of the mods (like me for posting in here) on your ignore list or it may be the last move you make on this site.

I know you have mentioned you've been permanently banned before from others, so it may not be a big deal, but I really would rather you stick around.

That said, a thread like this is not going to happen.

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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