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Happy Birthday America


Are some people just born evil?  

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  1. 1. Are some people just born evil?

    • Yes, sometimes people are just born evil.
    • No, nobody is BORN evil. Circumstances cause evil behavior in people.
    • Not sure, perhaps a combination of both?

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God Bless America and those who fight for her. Bless those who volunteer to fight on the battlefields, in the streets, and behind a computer to make America safer. Bless those who work with our children in the classrooms, in our homes, and in our hospitals to make our children stronger in mind and body. God bless those who speak for keeping us alert and wise and amused through their writings, song, art, and discourse. God bless those who have gone before us who have sacrificed to give us what we have.

The greatest thing about the United States is the ability to improve and the ability to be wrong. Here we have the opportunity to prove and improve ourselves. Mistakes are readily forgiven. It is the ability to make mistakes which has allowed this nation historically to be the greatest country of innovation and invention and to be able to socially adapt despite the rigor of tradition and prejudice. It is the abiltiy to improve that defines the American dream.

I still believe in that dream and am grateful for the opportunities and life I am afforded here. To all here on this board who have helped me live the life I do. Thank you. To those who can't hear my voice, thank you. I promise to keep doing my part as a volunteer and a human being. I also promise to keep daring wrong by stating and fighting for what I believe in the hopes that what is not for the best may be improved.

Please remember that today is about a lot more than beer, hot dogs, apple pie, and fireworks.

God Bless all of you and keep you safe.

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Happy 4th to all of you :cheers:

This board is a microcosm of America. We have an incredibly diverse range of opinion, people from all over the map (literally and figuratively), and although we can vehemently disagree, we find a common bond and somehow manage not just to coexist, but to flourish.

America is still a great country. Happy 4th you magnificent bastages (and bastagettes!).


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