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Coach Gibbs in Victory Lane

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Last night on Nascar Victory Lane a post race show on SPEED, Coach got interviewed with his son JD after Stewart's win. He was asked about going back to coaching and outta the blue Kenny Wallace (Rusty's younger brother) ask's how long he's gonna coach and Gibb's response is "I don't wanna say anything cause some people may overeact" Earlier in the show Gibb's spray's Jimmy Spencer during the celebration with champagne.

All in all a great Gibb's interview that albeit not totaly football related showed a side of coach not normally seen to us. Very often we only see the pressure side of having to win games and it's cool to see him in a different light. He was just giddy and only against Dallas after the comeback have I seen him like he was after the race last night except when I was a kid and he won the Big One.

Anyone interested in checking it out the show is Nascar Victory Lane on SPEED, 150 on Dish and 607 on DirecTV, it will be on tonigh from 8pm-9pm and tommorow morning from 9am-10am

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Nice to see that Gibbs is getting a little bit of a break from football, and getting to spend time with his family and his NASCAR team - it's probably refreshing for him with the grind of a long season just around the corner. After all, it should be pretty much all football from August until February. I wonder if it's just coincidence that Stewart has had an up-and-down year and now all of a sudden the elder Gibbs is there for a race and Stewart leads much of the race and wins. :) Of course, JJ Yeley helped start a big wreck so I guess Gibbs is not omnipotent.

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I have friends and family who are into NASCAR, but I've never really been that interested. To get me started, they got me Gibbs Racing things. Hats, trading cards, model cars...

It worked.

I follow Yeley, Hamlin and (very loosely) Stewart every week now. Should one leave the team, they will be dead to me!!! :D Just like that Labonte guy that I heard about once...

I'm just glad that Coach Gibbs has had success in something he enjoys other than football. Further, the fact that he's a great judge of character and talent should be evident - he's got two of the best rookies in the sport running for him in the #11 and #18 cars this year, just like he's has some stellar rookies for the Redskins. He's got an older guy who is a proven champ leading his guys on the track. That's the same veteran mentality that he displays on the gridiron. I'm glad to see that his personal beliefs and his integrity don't waiver, regardless of the sport or situation.

Good luck Joe Gibbs!

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