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PICS of D&B's ES Get Together in MD on 7-1-06


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Well everyone, it was another great time at D&B with all the ES members who came out to see SSM

It was great to see everyone and meet new faces! Here are the pics my trusted camera took of last night!:point2sky

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here are some more

Pic 1 Enter Apotheosis HSF

Pic 2 Enter Apotheosis sweetsassy Pez

Pic 3 gerorgiaredskin and the boys

Pic 4 therealjbird dfitz praisegibbs, sweetsassy pez hsf

pic 5 therealjbird, visionary, sword

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It was so awesome hanging out with all of you. Thanks for having the idea to do this Candace. I'm glad to be back home. You guys rock!!!!! We'll have to do this again.

Also, as an aside to all of that, it must be said that from looking at the pictures, and hanging out with you all last night that the Redskins have the BEST looking female fans in all of sports! Don't believe me? Look at that pictures.

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For the record -- I drank a car bomb faster than PleaseBlitz, and he had a head start.

Good to see you guys again (and meet others)...sorry my friends were lame and wanted to leave so early...

Oh, and thanks for posting the worst picture of me EVER, Bob...:laugh: :doh: :)

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