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Here is Riggs' Record Rushing Day

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Here is every carry by Gerald Riggs on his record setting day. In this week 2 matchup with Philly in 1989, Riggs set the Redskin record for most rushing yards in a game with 221 that still stands today. Come on Clinton you've been here 2 years and this thing is still the record? You slacker!! :D

Sorry about the video and audio quality, I had to really reduce the quality in order for this video to fit within YouTube's guidelines.

Viewer Discretion Is Advised:

The last carry of this record day may induce bad memories and/or spontaneous vomiting and other nausea related symptoms to any and all Redskins fans.

You have been warned.......so my conscious is clear. :silly:


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Wow that must have been heart breaking watching that live.

It was, and couple that game with the one a week earlier against the Giants that was painful too (52 yd FG as time expires) and I think you could make a case that the 0-2 start to the 1989 season was about as heartbreaking a start to a season as there has been.

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