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GO ENGLAND- w/video link


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Okay... first of all I love our skins but the world cup gets me as charged up as the Redskins playoff run did last year. Obviously by the title of my thread I am a supporter of the English side. The attached video captures many of the things that make the team (and the world cup) so exciting to me. Its too bad we can't yet (maybe never) unite behind our squad and catch world cup fever like the rest of the world.

For those that watch and love the world cup, I hope you like this video as much as I did.... it could rival even those of the skins fanatic!!!!

Check out the emotion of beckham after he missed the pk against portugal... utterly devestated. I hope he gets his shot at redemption tomorrow.


:cool: :cool: :cool: :cool:

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England had a great squad of players, and so only reaching the quarter finals in the last three major tournaments has to be seen as a failure for their manager.

England will be a depressed place tonight. The failure today is compounded by losses on penalties four times before in the World Cup or European Championships.

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the song to that video clip is so suited to the english team....

"feeling the moment slip away"

so true for the lions, again and again. they are like the boston red sox (prior to the world series title!) of the soccer world- so talented, but something always happens.

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