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OT-Pick a sport. Pick a movie.


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Ok. It's the bye week. Let's take things down a notch. :)

Favorite sports movies please. Here are a few of mine:

Football - Wildcats, Rudy, The Replacements

Baseball - Bull Durham, Major League, The Sandlot

Hockey - Slapshot, Mystery Alaska

Basketball - Hoosiers

Other - Rocky, The Karate Kid, Breaking Away, Chariots of Fire, The Blood of Heroes, Rollerball

That's all I can come up with at 12am. :)

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Did someone pick Rudy? Oh please save us. :).

Football: The Longest Yard. Not, strictly, a football movie, but, it had football in it.

Baseball: Field of Dreams. Can't help it. I cry watching Old Yeller die and Costner playing catch with his dad. Crushes me.

Basketball: The Fish that Saved Pittsburgh. Only because someone else took White Men Can't Jump.

Pool: Yes. Pool. If golf counts, pool does too. And it's Color of Money.

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OH come on now guys, I know there are alot of closet fans to one of the greatest movies of all time....

American Anthem.

Come on, you know you are.

(at least those of us who lose bets with their wife and are forced to sit through a day of Grease, Head over Heels and some other damn movie with english speaking people.)

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Dude, at least you didn't say Prefontaine and watch it like my wife made me, asking, "Isn't that amazing." Yeah. A guy, running around a track is simply over the top amazing.

Speaking of around the track, don't we have to mention Days of Thunder?

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Over the Top was super.

I would like to offer honorable mention to Best of the Best, early Van Dam (Blood Sport, Kickboxer) and the immortal Gymkata. Anyone with the misfortune of seeing Gymkata will know what I'm talking about and share the searing memory of that wretchedly bad, but somehow enduringly fine film.

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Football - Semi Tough, better book, but still a good movie or

North Dallas Forty

Bicycling - Breaking Away

Hoops - Fast Break, One on One

Boxing - Raging Bull

That's about all I can come up with off the top of my head. Many of the newer ones I haven't seen, but I do have to agree on Gymkata. Bad, but compellingly so.

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