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KC Joyner chat: Newsflash - Roy Williams couldn't cover my grandma

Dirk Diggler

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JC (St Croix, USVI): How does Roy Williams (Dallas SS) stack up in your rankings? He seems to get burned often in coverage, but he certainly comes up with big plays as well.

K.C. Joyner: Both of the Cowboys safeties last year did very poorly in the coverage metrics. Roy Williams will never rank well in that category because that isn't his strong suit, but the Boys need to get someone who can fill the deep middle. This could be the issue that determines if they win the East or go home.

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Yes and this is still a major weakness for the Boys. No matter how many Dallas fans want to pump up Pat Watkins as a steal in the draft, he's still a project and a second day rookie. That portion of the field is going to continue to be an issue and will be exploited regularly.

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