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I just pre-ordered Madden 2007 "Hall of Fame addition"!


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Some of you may or may not know...But for the last few years,you can either order The ordinary Madden games that the majority own OR you can preorder The "Limited additions"...

Now there is a setback...?If your profile and/or playbook is on the "Limited addition and you go to a friends house to use your profile on their PS2 or too even export a team,it will NOT work...!

I have always just got the regular game cause I knew most my friends would just have the same...But this year was an exception....

As my Thread states..It will be the "Hall of Fame Addition" this year...

The game is also 59.99...10 dollars more than the usual game...

But Since I'm a historical buff as well as Hall of famers and such,I am definately getting this game...

I have always played franchises with my friends and we have all agreed on such rewards for defeating another player or winning the superbowl or whatever rule we set....By allowing 1 player (for whatever criteria being met)as long as he was player for the team you are using,to be created and what not...

Like usually I would create Ken Houston cause his madden stats are just crazy and he's a monster on the field...and such...Or Baugh or whoever...You get the point?

Well...as you all know, there will be around 160 hall of famers or so in the traditonal game of Madden...

So I couldn't help but wonder what EXTRAS could they put in the limited addition...?All the HOFers..?

Maybe?Maybe not?

If anyone has a heads up on this info,that would be really cool as I have no idea what extras will be in the game... :applause:

Just thought I would share this information if anyone will want to buy the game.......

BUT IF YOU want it...You better preorder the game at your local VideaoGame stores,as these "Limited addition" games aren't just layin' around!!(Hall of Fame addition)


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