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Best Game of 2005 (not counting division games)


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I would have to say the San Francisco game. Or, even though we lost, the TB game was just alot of fun to watch.

:dallasuck :eaglesuck :gaintsuck

I have to agree with you on both the SF game best game of 2005. Complete domination that was just payback from all those years they beat us with Montana and Rice:D . I also agree with you on the Bucs game even though we lost it was a fun game to watch also the game against the Cheifs was entertaining as well even though we lost. a couple other memorable games that ended in victory St. Louis game and I have to say the Seattle game.

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I really enjoyed the Arizona game.

you enjoyed the arizona game? That game was terribly played, we didnt even deserve to win the way we played on offense. Just a horrendous game to watch. except for the kick return, it sucked.

The best game was the seahawks game. But does anyone agree with me that the non-divisional games seem rather less important right now?

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For me, it was the Seattle game.

We were just coming off the high of the Moss breakout performance in the Dallas comeback.

The victory would propel us to 3-0, and many of us were still unsure about the Skins at that point.

As the Skins lined up for that kick at the end, I couldn't watch I was so nervous.

I got down on my knees (literally) and prayed.

I knew the result of the kick by the response of the crowd.

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