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Help need for Fantasy Baseball team


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I was forced to enter this fantasy baseball league so now I want to win it, but it looks like my yahoo autodraft really screwed me over. Damn you Mark Texeira! This is only an 8 team league, and one of the teams is computer controlled and starts nobody each week. Lame lame lame. Still I would like to win.

Ok Gurus, tell me who I need to upgrade here. I've made a ton of transactions to try to improve, but my hitting just isn't strong enough.

Scoring categories are:

Pitching: Wins, Saves, ERA, WHIP, K

Hitting: HR, AVG, RUN, RBI, SB

C J. Mauer

1B C. Delgado

2B B. Phillips

3B Mi. Cabrera

SS N. Garciaparra

CI M. Teixeira

MI Ha. Ramírez

LF P. Burrell

CF M. Kemp

RF M. Thames

Util C. Utley


C. Patterson

J. Kubel



C. Carpenter

J. Schmidt

J. Lester

T. Hudson

D. Davis

J. Vázquez

B. Colon


B. Ryan

B. Jenks

T. Saito

J. Putz


R. Harden

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