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So these hypothetical polls are pretty lame, but

a) it's the offseason

B) I never make these

c) would you rather be reading another "why the media doesn't respect us/why doesn't the media respect us" thread?

That in mind...

It's the NFC playoffs, Division Round weekend. We've won the division and Dallas has won a WC. On Saturday, the Redskins kill the (Seahawks, Buccaneers, Panthers, Giants, etc.). Now it's Sunday, and the Cowboys are playing the (Seahawks, Buccaneers, Panthers, Giants, etc.). The Redskins and Cowboys have split the season series. Now, do you pull for the Cowboys to win their game and set up a Dallas/Washington Rubber Match for a trip to the Super Bowl?

EDIT: Also, we've won the #1 seed in the NFC, so it's a home game for us either way.

NOTE: Demerits to anyone who uses either phrase "No true Redskin fan" or "Any true Redskin fan" in their answer. NOBODY here has any authority to define what constitutes a "true" Redskin fan. And any true Redskin fan would know that... :silly:

NOTE 2: Dallas fans, feel free to answer as well, but obviously with the situation reversed (i.e., don't bother telling me that you would root for Dallas to win).

NOTE 3: My answer is yes...

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I'd love to be able to say I would. But, just like in 1991, I would want whatever matchup is easier for us. If they are playing a dominant 14-2 team or something, then I'd probably want the Cowboys, but if they were playing a weak division winner or something, then I'd certainly want the other team.

To me, it's more important that we advance further than to just have a chance to beat Dallas. If we can do both, great but we're already 2-0 in big matchups with them and there's no sense in pushing our luck unless it helps our chances!

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Same question always comes to Ohio State fans about Michigan. I answer the same for both.

I prefer that the Dallas Cowboys lose only when it helps us. Otherwise I think our wins are more meaningful when they are good.

I can't say that I wholeheartily will ever actually "root" for a Cowboy team, but I prefer them to be recognized as great teams when we beat them.

That said, a Cowboy or Michigan loss always brings a smile to my face. :dallasuck

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I would root against them, only because A) they could beat us in the playoffs, and that would be AWFUL and B) I like to see them have as bad a record as possible. I think it's probably wrong of me, but it's just sports, so I'll go ahead and say that I wish as much failure on the Dallas Cowboys as humanly possible.

That being said, I love destroying the hopes of the Cowboys. I LOVED that their season last year was destroyed by the Redskins on THREE seperate occasions:

1. First game

2. Second game

3. Philly game, possibly the most fulfilling of all three, because it destroyed them. The crowd for the Sunday night game was completely silent. They lost that game because we locked them out of the playoffs, which made them have a MUCH less respectable record of 9-7 (even though they would have won that game if we had lost). My goodness, what a great season.


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Too much nostalgia for me to root "no". I'm DYING to see Washington, D.C. as fired up for a Redskins/Cowboys game like they were in '82!!! That was LEGENDARY!!!! How perfect would it be for Gibbs to bring that back to DC???

...and to completely VANQUISH his longtime nemesis, Bill Parcells, in the process! Better yet, drive Parcells back into retirement!!!! Gibbs "retired" Buddy Ryan, let's see if he can retire Parcells, too!

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Personally I always root against the 'Boys because I just cannot bring myself to pull for them EVER. A big win over Tampa Bay or Seattle (maybe even more so) would be just as satisfying to me. But Hell if Dallas did win, it would certainly be a matchup that would get everyone in the sports world talking (if only to pick against the Skins). Playoffs are where we need to be, and ANYONE in the way is just a speedbump to XLI. HTTR!


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