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Hottest Girl in Hollywood


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A special tribute to a personal friend and everyone's favorite football weather girl and still a Hollywood hottie in the over-35 group :D

Wait a minute...Jillian Barberie is a "personal friend" of yours? No way.

I'm going to say--

Charlize Theron



Salma Hayek


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:laugh: :laugh: :laugh: Wrong thread, bro....;)

No its the right thread!! Hottest Girl's in Hollywood.....you know you want that ****, it doesnt always come in a box;)

With the skinny-fying of Jessica Alba (who I still think is really really good looking - name that one, 28), my heart now belongs to Scarlett, once again. She is extremely curvy, and her voice drives me wild. :drool:

Let me think about that one!

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