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Happy father's Day to all my Redskins Father's


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Just wanted to tell you about my father's day gift from my wife and daughter.

It is the best gift a football father could ask for they bought me NFL sunday ticket so i get to watch all the games this year how awsome is that !!!! Let's just hope my wife dosen't have plans on any of those sunday. Well just wanted to share my story with you.

Hope everyone has a HAPPY FATHER'S DAY



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Tonight I'm making Joe & Brenda Bugel's own Lobster Stuffed Tenderloin from the Redskins recipe book "Cookin' With The 'Skins, released in 1987. Basically, you take a whole beef tenderloin, slice it down the center to within an inch from the bottom, stuff it with cooked lobster tail, pour lemon-butter sauce w/ scallions in it, tie it up. Cook it to your favorite degree of rareness. Slice. Add more sauce. Serve.

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Very nice!

Well I have to brag also.

The love of my life, my wife, who is 18 years younger than me. (first marriage for the both of us, BTW) She told me I could pick out every meal for the entire day and she would cook it for me. So I had; chocolate-chip pancakes for breakfast, a nice thin steak and mashed potatoes for lunch (post workout, it was squat day), and shrimp and angel-hair pasta in a garlic butter sauce + salad for dinner. Desert was chocolate mouse. All freshly made, with love in our very own kitchen. I don’t deserve this woman. Well, yes I do. And the kids… they got me a card.

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