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WT: Mandatory minicamp kicks off


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Mandatory minicamp kicks off

By Ryan O'Halloran


Published June 16, 2006

In collective bargaining language, the only mandatory portion of the Washington Redskins' offseason starts today with a weekend minicamp.

But realistically, the mandatory activities started with workouts in early March and especially last month when organized team activities began.

"Is that voluntary? Yes," defensive tackle Joe Salave'a said. "But you're putting yourself in better position to compete for a job and making the roster by being here because the coaches weigh everything when making those decisions."

So for the last two months, a majority of the roster has labored at Redskin Park, either in the weight room, video room or on the practice field. Veterans say it's become a necessity because training camp centers on preparing the starters for the opener and finding which players will fill reserve roles.

"With the way the schedule is set up now, the bulk of the work is taking place during the OTAs and other work," Salave'a said. "Once you get into training camp, it's about putting the game plans together."

And the coaching staff is always watching.

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For the Redskins' defense, working in the same system for the third consecutive year, the offseason has represented equal parts reinforcement (for the holdovers) and introduction (for the new players).

The Redskins ended last season with 19 defensive packages. When workouts and meetings began this spring, the coaches started reinstalling each of the packages, fresh with some tweaks. This allows newcomers such as Andre Carter and Adam Archuleta to sit side by side and discuss the system with teammates such as Salave'a and Shawn Springs.

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh man I can't wait...

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Thanks for the article, Bubba. :cheers:

I like the way Coach Williams isn't resting on his laurels, and being satisfied with what he has.

He's adding new wrinkles and packages to an already stout defense.

Just like HC Gibbs. Even though the Redskins finished a respectable 11th last year in total offense, Gibbs wasn't satisfied and brought in Al Saunders to liven up the passing game.

I can't wait to see the reports from this weekend. :)

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do you guys realize how boring the next month will be after mini camp is over. holy **** it is going to suck

Well at least the 3rd week of July I have training camp. So I'll have things to do, like working some high schoolers into shape.

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do you guys realize how boring the next month will be after mini camp is over. holy **** it is going to suck

Dont worry, Im sure the fine folks here at Extreme will conjure up some dandy treads to pass the time like:

I saw Larry Michael at Burger King....

I cut my hair like Chris Cooley and got fired from my job, should I sue?

Mr. Potato head and Vinny C... (those eyes freaks me out!) separated at birth??? You Decide...:)

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