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My Pilgrimage to RFK


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After 30 Years of being a Redskin Fan I finally made the Pilgrimage to RFK last Thursday while I was back in the D.C. Area for my Cousin’s Wedding to see the Nationals and the Phillies.

Even though it was not a Redskin Game, it was great to finally be in the Stadium where so many Great Redskin Memories took place.






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I saw one basbeball game at RFK, cant remember what year it was exactly, but it was the Expos vs the Cardinals, exhibition, Mark Mcguire was hitting balls over the roof in batting practice, and he hit one out of the park duing the game as well. BB games at RFK are okay, but it still didnt feel right back then. Oh how i miss football games there still!

How is the stadium holding up? Back then for that exhibition game, the concrete around me was starting to crumble and it looked its age.

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Nice pics, Kevin.

I really wanted to see that Nats game with you, but work got in the way.

Glad you FINALLY got to RFK, even if it wasn't a Redskins game.

No prob 44, maybe next time. I will still be going back to the D.C. Area on Vacation.

Now I can scratch "Going to RFK Stadium" off of the list of things I want to do in my life time.

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