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HAHA! Just got some good news!


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My brother and a couple friends of his have season tickets, I think they have 12 between them, 2 sets each. Anyway, they always sell one set to whatever Joe Schmo wants to spend the money, but they keep a set for themselves. (Duh. They're not idiots) Well today I find out, one of the guys has to coach his kid's hockey team on Sundays this football season, so he tells me, "I will probably miss most, if not all, of the 1 o'clock games this year. So if you want....."

:cheers: :notworthy :applause:

I normally go to a couple games a year anyway...but this is sweet. 5 possible games! The only one I really, REALLY want is Dallas though. No one in any shade of blue, outside of MAYBE jeans, and that's stretching it, should be in the stadium that day.

And before you rip on my bud, he's a huge Skins fan and a damn good hockey player, been playing longer than I have known him and I have known him for a long time. So cut him some slack for his kid's sake. His kid is good Skins fan too, AND I GET THE TICKETS! So it's great! :laugh:

Just thought I would share my good fortune with the locals and brag a bit to the out-of-towners! ;)

Take care, folks. The Tailgate is awesome, by the way. I occasionally scan the headlines of the Stadium, but rarely last there for any extended period of time. The cool kids all hang out here.

And who knows, it will be hard to tear myself away from the grills, great food, great homebrew (provided by yours truly, thank you very much :bow: ), and good friends, but I would love to stop by an extremeskins tailgate next year, if only for a round and some handshakes. It would be an honor.


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****. :laugh:

Congrats bro. Make sure you yell your head off every chance you get!! :cheers:

Don't you worry about that, my brutha. We're up in the 400's, the cheap seats! No Chardonnay sippers up there! There are opposing fans, though, but they're always fun. Good entertainment. Nothing we can't handle. ;)

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