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31 years old and STILL waiting for an enjoyable football season...


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Guys, I don't want to be gloomy here because I think there will be good years ahead, potentially this one, and I think most logically knew this year would be tough.

BUT, the last time I truly enjoyed a Redskins season was 1991. Not that all years have to be a SB year, but that was the last time we where good, knew it, expected it, and the team DELIVERED.

I am just wondering if the rest of you feel that way. I was freaking 19 years old back then. Gosh, I'm married, have a house to keep and child to take care of. I look back and at this rate, wonder if I will be a grandfather the next time I get to enjoy a season again. Not one winning year in all of my twenties, and nothing guaranteed on the horizon.

Oh well, I just think that is amazing.

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