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And now there's this....


Web Time Stamps Indicate Benoit Death Reported About 14 Hours Before Police Found Bodies

Thursday , June 28, 2007

By Blane Bachelor

An anonymous user operating a computer traced to Stamford, Conn. — home to World Wrestling Entertainment — posted an entry to pro wrestler Chris Benoit's biography on Wikipedia.org announcing the death of his wife Nancy about 14 hours before police in suburban Atlanta said they found her body along with her husband's and that of their 7-year-old son, FOXNews.com has learned.

Employees at Wikipedia.com said the posting went live on their site on Monday at 12:01 a.m. Eastern Standard Time. Police, however, said they found the bodies Monday at 2:30 p.m. EDT.

Wikipedia.org's computers are set to record Standard and Universal Time, a spokesman told FOXNews.com.

The posting reads: “Chris Benoit was replaced by [[Johnny Nitro]] for the ECW Championship match at Vengeance, as Benoit was not there due to personal issues, stemming from the death of his wife Nancy.”

The posting was apparently made in reference to Benoit's scheduled appearance on Sunday night at an Extreme Championship Wrestling event in Texas, with the last phrase noted in red to indicate an edit made to the original entry.

An employee from Wikipedia.org told FOXNews.com that he called and left a message with investigative authorities in Fayetteville, Ga., at around 11 a.m. EDT on Tuesday, after the posting was brought to the attention of the St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Web site.

Click link for the rest........

Wow, :wtf:
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WWE seems like they are withholding some information. I heard Cowherd go after them yesterday, which made me pretty pissed. I think most young men watched wrestling at some point in their lives.... especially those who lived through the Monday Night wars...

Back when I was younger I didn't know it was fake (well, when I first watched it). Of course now they are losing the market to video games and other things, but I think in the 80s, the WWF ruled the day...

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With the debate in the NFL about concussions and increased suicide and depression rates with multiple concussed former football players, I kind of wonder if concussions and other related head trauma played a role in this.

I mean Benoit took alot of head hits in the day, examples:

Flying Headbutts (did it alot)

Super Suplexes (from the top rope- every time he did it he always seemed to get hurt)

Chairs to the head- who hasn't in the WWE, WCW, ECW hasn't been hit in the head with a garbage can, chair, ladder etc.?

combine that with: former and probably current steriod use, low testoerone levels, probably other drugs (painkillers) and a high level of stress from home and work and jet lag from WWE road trips.

You have a guy that probably is in serious trouble.

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All of the major news channels are over this... especially the Wikipedia entry.

I'd guess he told someone in the WWE that his wife had died, and he couldn't make it.

But wow... Foxnews has just been hitting WWE for the past hour... steroids abuse, domestic violence, medication abuse... not that its any surprise to people who pay attention to what's going on... but still... they got an interview with Steve Austin's ex-wife... FoxNews is even saying they injected him with HGH... although it seems more like they were treating him for that other thing. They've just spent like 15 minutes on Benoit....

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Seriously. It must've been someone who made the call to cancel Benoit... and Benoit must've told them that his wife passed away and he couldn't make it... that's the only explanation...

Greta Van Sustern went off about how, "maybe it was a triple murder..." comon... the text messages and all the evidence clearly point to murder suicide. It just means he probably used his wife's death as an excuse.

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Sidebar: Bret Hart was on Greta's show last night. He gave the standard responses you'd expect from a friend, but he looked pretty good, considering his own health battles over the years.

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ATLANTA - Investigators are looking into who altered pro wrestler Chris Benoit’s Wikipedia entry to mention his wife’s death hours before authorities discovered the bodies of the couple and their 7-year-old son.

Benoit’s Wikipedia entry was altered early Monday to say that the wrestler had missed a match two days earlier because of his wife’s death.

A Wikipedia official, Cary Bass, said Thursday that the entry was made by someone using an Internet protocol address registered in Stamford, Conn., where World Wrestling Entertainment is based.

click link for the rest of the story

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Thats nuts...It's easy enough to track Wiki entries based on IP addresses...whoever did it is probably already in custody.

Why would they be in custody? It's not illegal to post something on wikipedia just because the cops don't know about it yet.

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I just think this is so sad..not the wiki entry...but the deaths. I have a problem w/ppl who take their families w/them when they decide to take themselves out of the equation. That little boy had nothing to do w/Benoit's mental problems or depression or roid rages...or whatever ppl are gonna point to to try & explain the wife & child's deaths. If you want to kill yourself..that's your decision...why take innocent ppl w/you? I know that alot of times it comes down to the suicidal person thinking that no one is going to be here to take care of them or that they don't want them to have to live w/suicide...but I just think suicide should remain a one person deal. Maybe I'm wrong..but it's just a shame that the boy was killed b/c of Dad's twisted view of reality at the time. My heart goes out to their families..

How would someone know before hand about his wife's death other than himself? If a person other than Benoit posted that entry...seems that they need to be questioned extensively about how they knew that...

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Last night on Scarborough Country, they had some wrestling magazine guy who said it was a non-story. He said that some fans were IM each other when one said something about Benoit not being at the show because his wife died and then someone else said the magazine guy confirmed it (but he didn't) so someone put in on Wikipedia.

Of course this guy could be covering for someone too.

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