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They are saying that the abnormality found on Jake's brain is from hits in the past from professional wrestling. This makes you wonder, would a group of former professional wrestlers sue due to CTE or the like? Similar to what the former NFL players have done in the past. 

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Sucks, but I think everyone saw this coming with Jake a long time ago. All you have to do is look at Beyond The Mat, which came out like 15 years ago at this point. Surprised he held out this long. He may have gotten back on track, but the damage he did to his body was just too much

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Apparently this douche forgot the part where he breached his own contract.


Source: Wrestling Observer Newsletter




CM Punk's lawyers recently sent a 22-page letter to WWE over royalties and their use of his likeness, mainly him being featured in the WWE 2K15 video game.

This isn't confirmed but WWE may have stopped sending Punk royalty checks over their claim that he breached his contract. Regarding the video game, the roster was put together before Punk quit the company.


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Zayn is the only one with a chance it feels like. He connects with the fans on a Daniel Bryan like level and plays the underdog very well.

KENTA... Does anyone really trust WWE to use him properly? Also can't talk. Promos are way more important here than they are in Japan. Neville is a mid carder. Terrible mic skills and a cool finisher. A slightly better Evan Bourne. Devitt can't talk either and Steen is only less overrated than the Young Bucks (thank god they aren't in WWE they are the worst thing in tag team pro wrestling)

Only smarks think these guys are the future. The future is already on the main roster in Ambrose, Reigns and Rollins.

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I don't watch NXT but can someone explain to me why every ****ing one of those guys seems to have a the same ****ing facial hair?


Is the new rule in the WWE that you are not allowed to distinguish yourself in any freaking way?


Let's throw six guys with goatees in black tights into the ring and see what happens? Ooops....no one got over. Wonder why?


I know this is a nitpick, but it's just another thing that makes no sense to me. Love him or hate him, Hulk Hogan looked like no one else. And the carny SOB that he is, he gets that because at age 80, he's going to be rocking the stringy hair and blonde fu Manchu. There has to be a presentation aspect to this.

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As someone who watches NXT on a fairly weekly basis:


Sami Zayn is outstanding. He's lost a lot over the past half year or so, but you wouldn't know it. That's how good he winds up looking in losses, but he makes his opponents look that much better. He very well COULD be part of the future.


Adrian Neville will have an impact in the WWE. I think he's an IC/US title guy. Upper mid card staple.


Hideo Itami/KENTA, a lot remains to be seen. He has put effort into learning the language, now it depends on if he adapts. As a Japanese star, the WWE will give him every chance possible.


Devitt and Steen are two guys I've never really seen wrestle, so I'll reserve judgment there.


To me, though, the future is this group:


Roman Reigns, Dean Ambrose, Seth Rollins, Daniel Bryan (if healthy), Sami Zayn, Rusev, Bray Wyatt, Luke Harper. Then guys like Neville, Dallas (if pushed properly) and Itami have a very bright midcard future.

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Night of Champions was disappointing to say the least.  The matches were ok/good for the most part, but it just lacked any excitement at the level I expect for a PPV.  I guess now that they are basically giving us PPVs so cheap, only $9.99/month  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:  :rolleyes:


that they feel it's ok to make PPVs average like a Monday Night Raw with a couple of extra twists.

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Thread has been D-E-A-D. I assume its because the product has been just kind of… there.


Hasn't been awful. Hasn't been good.


Three hours is just too much. There's too much going on and they try to squeeze too much in. The comedy stuff isn't necessary every week.


The Rock's return was a nice treat, and this week's RAW, if you remove the non sense, would have been a decent to good show. But that filler stuff is awful.

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I haven't watched or read anything in weeks. I didn't even know the Rock came back. What was that about?


Was actually a one-off. He was in NYC to talk to Time Warner or something about a movie. WWE was in Brooklyn.


Rusev was running his mouth about Big Show. Big Show didn't come out. Rusev started to puff his chest and Rock came out. They went back and forth, Rock delivered some classic lines. It ended with Rock punching Rusev a few times and Rusev sloppily falling over the top rope. He went to get back in to fight Rock, but Lana stopped him.


It actually worked very well for Rusev. Didn't look weak and got the rub from the Rock.

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