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Ok, if you can't get on board with Sandow after this.....you need to check your pulse. The dude is great! He's got main event written all over him in the future no doubt.

And on another note, why can't WWE air stuff like this instead of pointless recap after recap on Raw and Smackdown?? This would be a MUCH better way to fill a three hour show, and get characters over with the crowd.

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You know what cracks me up, when dudes be kicking the mess out of Lil Jimmy. They don't do a simple kick, they kick him like they are trying to hit one of them Graham Gano 60-yarders :ols:

lol, yeah DB punting him out of the ring a few weeks ago was hillarious.

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Man, I can't even lie...

Yesterday's RAW was excellent. CM Punk was pretty much perfect. Him and Lawler's brawl before RAW followed up with the promo with him, Shaemus, and AJ, was good to start. Then, the end when he hit the GTS off the hood of the car, and Paul Heyman being in the driver seat, that was sweet.

Speaking of Shaemus, the dude is on fire to me. Impressive on the mic and equally impressive in the ring. That Clover submission was nice. I was wondering if they were going to let him do it with him being Irish and all.

AJ is still riding the wave. That melt down was too funny.

The rest of the show wasn't that bad either.

But by far, the funniest segment last night and probably of the year....


And then the fight after that. :ols:

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