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Is anyone else sick of the whole concept of the GM? This idea was refreshing and new in the late 90s' date=' but it's as a big a cliche now as a Russian wrestler was in '87.[/quote']


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I don't know. That would mean more of a full time role, which Rock clearly doesn't want. I think Austin would be more appropriate than The Rock for that role, but I doubt he'd be there full time, either. I think the "interim" tag was given strictly so they can jockey for power, and either HHH or McMahon is going to be in charge for awhile. I'd guess McMahon, and this is a power struggle that will last through WrestleMania.

Not that I think that The Rock will come back to become Raw's GM, but is being the GM necessarily a full-time role?

I don't remember Shawn Michaels being around very often when he was the GM. I feel like he would show up just once every 5 or 6 weeks to make a big announcement for a match at an upcoming PPV and that was it.

So I would imagine that if they did want to make someone like The Rock the GM, they could probably make it very flexible for him (maybe one in-person appearance every 5 or 6 weeks before a major PPV, and a taped segment every other week or something). That being said, I doubt that he'll be the new GM, since the guy is pretty busy filming GI Joe 2, working on a new NBC drama about pro wrestling in the 80s, and doing whatever else in his Hollywood career.

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I think the new GM will probably be Mick Foley. There have been rumblings as of late that suggest that he will be back in November. He just signed a deal with the WWE, and he has been a GM as we all know in the past, so that would probably be the route they're going in. I've also heard rumors that JBL might be another GM candidate as well.

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Is anyone else sick of the whole concept of the GM? This idea was refreshing and new in the late 90s' date=' but it's as a big a cliche now as a Russian wrestler was in '87.[/quote']

Yes I am. Its gotten out of hand along with the announcers constantly in the mix for storylines.

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Dammit man, Razor Ramon is one of my favorite wrestling characters of all time. He was too cool for school, so arrogant it would make me laugh out loud over and over. Not to mention, "Razor" was a part of some absolutely incredible matches. Great walkout song, amazing on the microphone, was a great change-of-pace character, and Mr. Hall was a great wrestler. I remember Razor Ramon's first PROMO on WWF Superstars...and now this, brain dead in a cage. Such a shame.


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Razor may have had one of the greatest intro songs of all time. I loved that guy. Once he left the then WWF and became "Scott Hall," I don't think he was ever the same.

I was sort of pissed when he, along with Hogan and Nash, came back, and Hall was pretty much made to be Stone Cold's *****.

Nevertheless, I'll always remember him as Razor Ramon, one of the greatest IC champs of all time.

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Sooooo tired of the following.

#1. Michael Cole. Why does he need to be good or bad? This is stupid.

#2. Another Cena main event for a PPV? How about building a PPV around a belt that isn't the heavyweight title?

#3. Cody Rhodes' mask. Ok....time to take it off. He can be a Heel without it.

#4. No real storylines for any of the other titles besides the big ones. Weak

#5. The "GM" storyline. Let it go away please.

Things I want

#1. New Nitro girls. At least come back from break to something like that.

#2. Again...Stables Stables Stables. Get the whole group on camera but not making them all compete

#3. ONE heavyweight title, then add a Cruiser Weight

#4. more tag team matches where they aren't just pieced together.

#5. The end of branding

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The bold underline part might explain the current version of Scott Hall more than anything else.


'Scott Hall confront his substance abuse on 'E:60'

Scott Hall was a wrestling superstar in the early 1990s, his immensely popular character the "Scarface"-like Razor Ramon. Later, he was one of the faces of the faction dubbed the New World Order. Now, at age 52, Hall has a pacemaker and takes about a dozen pills daily to deal with anxiety and pain. He's been arrested several times since his final stint with WWE in 2002 and has publically discussed his struggles with drugs and alcohol.

"There's got to be some reason that I'm still here," Hall told "E:60," which will air a story about him Wednesday. "I should have been dead 100 times. I should have been dead 100 times."

Hall said many of the older wrestlers of his generation are "all dinosaurs now and we're all retired and dead. The young guys coming up now aren't drinking and drugging and stuff I hope as bad as we did. …


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Should have known WWE would find a way to mess up the whole angle.

I'm not a fan of having it be a tag only match with Rock/Cena vs. Miz/Truth.

The Survivor Series match would have been far cooler. Very disappointed with that move.

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