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Sadly, with what he has put his body through over the past decade plus has led him to the dependency on pain killers. Now he has had multiple chances in multiple organizations, but how many of them truly tried to get him help? I really don't know for certain, but what TNA needs to do this time is to check him into a rehab facility and basically tell him on no uncertain terms, clean up or don't come back, and stick by it.

I feel for Hardy and his family, hopefully he gets to help he needs before it's too late.

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Matt Hardy: Jeff Is 'Fine' - Details Inside

Reported By Ryan Clark

Matt Hardy just tweeted the following, saying his brother Jeff is "fine". He also said this when Jeff's house was raided last year and numerous drugs were found. I'd beg to differ that Jeff is "fine" but that's just me. Anyways, here is his tweet:

"Well, today has been quite the interesting day to say the least. And yes, Jeff is fine. I'm (definitely) fine. Just sore from busting my ass last night."

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Breaking News: Shane Helms Arrested

Reported By Ryan Clark

WTSB Radio posted the following on their website today:

A professional wrestler has been cited by Smithfield Police for allegedly engaging in a fight at a local bar. Gregory Shane Helms, 36, of Smithfield, who is known by WWE fans at “The Hurricane”, and Kevin Wayne Creech, 38, of Four Oaks were both cited for simple affray following an altercation around 10pm Sunday at a bar called The Rehab, located at 526 South Brightleaf Boulevard, according to police reports.

Police Lt. Keith Powell said Creech reportedly touched Helms’ girlfriend, which led to the confrontation. Lt. Powell said the touch was "not inappropriate” but it reportedly did lead to an argument then a brief struggle between the two men. Both men were released at the scene but were ordered to appear in court on April 28 to answer to the charges.

In May 2008, Helms was charged with assault following an alleged incident at another Smithfield club. Those charges were dismissed in July 2008.

It's been a rough weekend for the Carolina 'clique', huh?!

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Most of you probably know this but if you are on Twitter and are NOT following @HacksawJDuggan you are missing some of the most hilarious tweets out there. It is worth a twitter account to follow him and the Iron Sheik.

The Iron Sheik's are the best! He and Scott Steiner should be given 20 minutes a day to perform promos.

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The Rock should be coming out to finish the show tonight..

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Rock says cena's a homeless power ranger.....lmao

Rock and cena in the ring together.....been waiting for this.....

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Did John Cena just come out of the closet?

Seriously, what a whiny woman. Don't know how people watch this guy.

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And now I'm completely disinterested. Rock should of told him to STFU. Instead we get some **** about the good lord. Lame. As. Hell.

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Can't believe you all dug that. I guess you are too young to remember when it was good? None of this "I wear purple and do it for the kids!!!" after school special bull****.

I remember when it was good. I miss those days. Unfortunately, this is the closest we're going to get to that.

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