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:secret: The finale of 24 is tomorrow.

Get off yer arse & get a DVR will you. Seriously. RAW flows better live as it's a live show. 24, like LOST, flows better when you can just skip through the commercials.

Taking out Lispy Rhodes:silly:


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If there is a God....Cena will get pummeled....and the Chicago crowd will boo him out the building via WrestleMania 22
Via? You mean they'll use WM22 to boo him out? :silly:

:secret: The phrase is a la ;)

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god awful match. Cena really needs to learn how to sell an injury during a match. Just inconsistant as **** all match long.

If I had a nickel for every match where John Cena:

a. half-a**ed sold an injury

b. pulled out a fluke victory

c. acted like Super Shane McMahon with his unworldly powers

i'd be owner of the Redskins by now. He coulda at least came into the match with his ribcage taped a la (I got it right this time) DDP, circa WCW

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Yeah, that was pretty weird. Plus, when I heard Grisham say, "That is the end of Judgment Day, ladies & gentlemen", I thought a swerve was coming. Maybe he waits till Extreme Rules:whoknows:

That's what I was thinking. Right there I was hoping we'd hear Punk's theme hit and hear a loud-ass pop from the crowd.

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