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Was that at the second or the first One Night Stand?

The 2nd one. The first one is one you should get on DVD. Amazon has it.

Review from Amazon:

stars-5-0._V47081849_.gifECW returns for a night of hardcore action....., June 15, 2005

By the one and only "david"drop-down-icon-small-empty-arrow._V13355991_.gif (I live south of Parts Unknown) - See all my reviews

Come on, you have to be just plain stupid not to like this ppv. The promos, the crowd enthusiasm, the brutality, and the emotion made this the best ppv so far of the last 2 years. So many great moments, one night that wont be forgotten, [especially by me]

Lance Stom [With Dawn Marie] vs. Chris Jericho:

A great match between two canadians. Technical wrestling at its finest by Storm, who looks as if he never left wrestling or that he has a reason to retire. Dawn distracts the ref which allows Justin Credible to nail Jericho with a singapore cane to have Storm win. 8/10

Three Way Dance

Super Crazy [who is just plain crazy] vs. Tajiri vs. Little Guido:

A great match between three great crusierweight size men. Super Crazy gives an INSANE moonsault off one of the balconies onto Little Guido and the entire F.B.I. Tajiri pins Little Guido thanks to Mikey Whipwreck, then Super Crazy gets the win after moonsaulting off the top rope onto Tajiri. 8.5/10

Sabu vs. Rhyno:

The only problem I have with this match was that it was too short! A hardcore dream match with Sabu giving huge chairshots to Rhyno, then Rob Van Dam gives the Van-Terminator to Rhyno after Rhyno gored him during a promo. The ending has Sabu give a HUGE legdrop onto Rhyno through a table in the ring for the win. 7/10 [Just for the time it was given.]

Rey Mysterio vs. Psicosis:

Not as good as their match on the RISE and FALL of ECW, but Psicosis gives a great leg drop onto Rey from the ring as Rey was on the barricade outside. Rey was injured so I give him props for coming out. Rey even jumps into the crowd onto Psicosis for another breathtaking manuever. 8/10 Rey wins with the 619.

Eddie Guerrero vs. Chris Benoit:

Another technical masterpeice between these two. Back and forth action, Eddie even bleeds a little from his nose it looked like. Two superplexes and a chair all give this match a 8.5/10 Eddie taps out to the crossface.

Mike Awsome vs. Masato Tanaka:

All I can say is that how can Tanaka have a head after those chairshots by Awsome? Good god, all those wasted brain cells.... This was tied for best matches of the night with the main event. About 4 tables were broken, and Awsome even throws Tanaka out of the ring through a table then dives off the ring right onto Tanaka for the win. 10/10 A brutal match

Paul Heyman comes down to the ring with a promo and attacks both Eric Bischoff, Edge, and JBL. Best lines in the promo were against Edge and JBL. "Hey guys, hide your wives its EDGE!" And the one on JBL, "The only reason you were champ for a year was because Triple H didn't want to work tuesdays!" A "Thank you Paul" chant started by the fans, a chant that Paul rightfully derserved.

The Sandman and Tommy Dreamer vs. The Dudley Boyz:

What can i say other than that this match was worth the money for the whole event by itself. The Sandman comes down into the ring from the crowd and the crowd starts singing with his entrance music.

The weapons included, Kendo sticks, trash cans, street signs, a ladder, two tables, a CHEESE GRATER, and, of course, a barb wire ball. Believe me you'll understand what I mean when you see the match.... The ending has the Dudleyz powerbombing Tommy Dreamor through a table SET ON FIRE. 10/10

[special appearances include: Beulah, Francine [Catfight!] Kid Kash, the BWO [Meanie has lost some weight] Axl Rotten and Balls Mahoney, and Spike Dudley] Kid Kash gives a great leap into the crowd of ECW wrestlers after a mini brawl happens.

Those were the matches, the only problems was that some of them were cut way too short. The Sabu/Rhyno match, and the Storm/Jericho match all could have been 20 minute classics, but they are reduced to less than 10 minute "good" matches. Oh well...

The reason they were cut short? The stupid invasion angles with Raw and Smackdown. I personally liked it better with ECW invading Raw, but I think it was Joey Styles who put it best, "We have one night to shine on our own, and the WWE, who are already international stars, decide to come and not even give us one night of our own."

Anyway, this is totally reccomended, and when you see the main event look for a guy smack his head repeatedly with Sandman's cane right after he appears in the crowd, its pretty funny.

Mike Awsome vs. Masato Tanaka this match was in****ing sane.:)

This was one of the best PPV's of the entire year...and I'm just just saying that because of the ECW references.

It starts with the intro of Joey Styles who you could see was emotionally choked up followed by an introduction to his color commentating partner for the night Mick Foley. Throughout the night they would show retro footage from different eras of ECW and have Joel Gertner interview the RAW & SmackDown invaders.

Chris Jericho vs. Lance Storm - Great match & one of the best ones there two have have had in their careers in recent times. Jericho came out with in his old "Lionheart" outfit. Some people say they wish it would have went longer but this was just fine because it was non-stop action. Some people didn't like the ending but it lead to a reunion of the Impact Players so I won't *****.

ECW Remembers - A video package acknowleding those who had passed away. Alot of people complained about no mention of people like Rick Rude & Brian Pillman but the purpose of this was to pay tribute to those who didn't get a tribute or acknowledge of their passing by ECW when it was in business. Nice mentions of Rocco Rock, Pitbull #2, Chris Candido, Terry Gordy & others.

Super Crazy vs. Little Guido (Nunzio) vs. Tajiri - It was nice to see a match with three guys that WWE had completely misused for the longest time. I forgot how many members the F.B.I. had until Guido came out with Smothers, Smith, Big Guido, and Mamaluke while Tajiri had Whipwreck & Sinister Minister. Great three way dance with two with the retro balcony flips and spots that were so tremendous that even Foley had to take a backstep on the commentary. Once again, another great match.

Rey Mysterio vs. Psichosis - Psichosis came out with his mask & then unmasked which had people booing him later. This match wasn't as good as their previous matches & Mysterio was working with a bad ankle so they made the best they could. The match is watchable but with only a few memorable moments such as the legdrop off the top rope onto Mysterio who's hanging off the guardrail...and the crowd booing Mysterio doing the west coast pop & 619 which are his WWE moves.

The SmackDown crew arrives with Kurt Angle & JBL leading. They're promo was interrupted by RVD (with Fonzie) who did an emotional promo telling the truth on how he's not happy with the WWE guys being advertised on the show, his idea behind One Night Stand, and how not wrestling at ONS is worst than missing WrestleMania. Rhyno attackes RVD which leads to...

Sabu vs. Rhyno - This was the best Rhyno has looked since he returned from his neck injury two years ago. Sabu is bandaged up from his barbed wire match from Hardcore Homecoming two nights earlier. Typical Sabu match with alot of tables & chairs involved. Great match.

Chris Benoit vs. Eddie Guerrero - Normally you would think a match between these two would be a classic but for some reason, they were just off on this night. Eddie came out in his "I can't beat Rey Mysterio" heel gimmick instead of the Eddie that ECW remembers. Nothing memorable here.

Mike Awesome vs. Masato Tatanka - You better break out the "HOLY S***!!!!" chants on this one. This match was the only one that didn't have any guys under WWE contract competing in it so they were allowed to go balls out. This was high impact & high intensity to the fullest. Chairshots, breaking tables, high flyin'. As Joey Styles would put it "OH MY GOD!"

Paul Heyman came out & said his thank yous to those involved with ECW & the fans before saying a few words to the invaders such as Edge (MATT FREAKING HARDY!), JBL, and Eric Bischoff.

Tommy Dreamer/Sandman vs. Dudley Boyz - WWE did edit out the "Exit Sandman" theme & replaced it with the theme they used for him on the Rise & Fall DVD and they also edited out the Dudley Boyz theme with an old one from around 2002. Before the match even get run ins from the bWo, Kid Kash, Balls Mahoney & Axl Rotten where Joey styles hits the line of the night the moment Nova got hit in the head with a chair "That's more painful than having to be Simon Dean every Monday night." The rest of the match was your typical ECW wild brawl full of blood & of course, the cheesegrader. After a while, you get more apparences from the Impact Players, Francine, the return of Beulah, and in the end...Spike Dudley came out for the flaming tables finish.

In the end came a suprize in Stone Cold Steve Austin who called out the WWE invaders which lead to the big brawl (watch JBL go directly for Blue Meanie) with them & the ECW stars in the end along with Taz appearing to choke out Kurt Angle. Then in the end, Eric Bischoff (who was the ECW anti-christ) was beaten up by the ECW stars & thrown out the building before the stars celebrated at the end.

The DVD extras include comments from the fans before the event, all the commericals & superstar spotlights, highlights from the ECW funeral on RAW. There's also a "JBL alternative commentary" feature in which JBL was wired throughout the event & you just hear the comments from him & those around him.

Overall, this event was nice for alot of retro moments & good matches & superstar appearences but if your looking for the better ECW experience...check out the Hardcore Homecoming DVD's since this version had alot of the wrestlers in their current WWE characters/storylines instead of them being in their retro ECW characters. One Night Stand was the better show but Hardcore Homecoming did a better job at capturing the "ECW spirit."

Side Note: The funny story behind this is that Heyman & Dreamer were booking the show and to make sure ECW didn't get a better buyrate than WWE itself, Stephanie & WWE creative stacked the card for Vengance in a big way the next night just to make sure they got higher buyrates (ala HBK/Angle rematch). It's amazing how good WWE can get when they feel like they have competition.

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Who do you think gets the last spot in the Money in the Bank Match? Does JBL make Wrestlemania by having to defend his Intercontinental Title? Should Ric Flair accept Jerico's challenge or should he say will only meet him at wrestlemania? That would be some return a year after forced out if he could defeat Jerico at Wrestlemania with the Hall of Famers cheering The Nature Boy on to victory.

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I'm watching it now. :)


Oh My Goddddddddd!!!!!

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I couldn't stand him either once he jumped to WCW with the ECW belt. But that match at ONS was in****ingcredible.

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I couldn't stand him either once he jumped to WCW with the ECW belt. But that match at ONS was in****ingcredible.

One Night Stand made me realize how much I missed the REAL ECW :(

Beulah was still hot :mmm:

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Is TNA getting better to you all. I am kind of starting to get interested in it. To me it kind of has a WCW feel to it. Also, The Beautiful People are, well um, beautiful. lol.

Post is useless without pics.


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omg Beulah is incredible.
:yes: Tommy Dreamer married her in real life :pimp:

Blast from the past:





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Dave Meltzer of and Mike Johnson of are both reporting that Andrew "Test" Martin was found dead in his apartment in Tampa. Martin was 33 years old and was 4 days away from his 34th birthday. No other details are currently known. More info should be available soon.

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Wow, geez only 34 years old. Good grief, I'm gonna bet overdose or suicide on this one, dudes career was headed nowhere, lost his hot piece lady.

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wow...just read his last blog 2 days ago sayin he had just returned from japan and seemed in great spirits..sad, but not suprised he was roided to the moon

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