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Where to watch old "Lost" episodes online?


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I'm 99% sure that I saw a link in the Tailgate about this, but my search didn't yeild any results. The sight that I remember let you download each episodes broken down in like 6 parts. I don't want to use a "napster" like program if at all possible. Anybody remember that thread or this site?

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I use a site called tvtorrents.com. It is a bittorrent site and you must have an application that supports that, I use Azereus, http://azureus.sourceforge.net/. You do have to sign up for that tvtorents.com site but it is free and definately worth it. There is a pull down menu on the left hand side, you select your show and you get a brand new page listing all of the downloadable episodes. You can get every episode of Lost as well as Sopranos, 24 (Seasons 1-5), etc.

Also, on ABC.com, you are able to re-watch episodes though it's embedded in a web page and can't go full screen. I'm not sure how far back that goes either.

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