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Military recruiters lure extreme sports enthusiasts


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Military recruiters lure extreme sports thrill seekers

By Tom Vanden Brook, USA TODAY

LAS VEGAS — The Air Force is turning toward extreme sports enthusiasts to fill a shortage of special operations troops.

The Air Force needs combat air traffic controllers to go behind enemy lines to set up airfields and call in airstrikes and trauma specialists to skydive into hostile territory to rescue wounded troops.

To be fully staffed, the Air Force needs 426 combat controllers. It has 350. A full complement of pararescuers is 123; there are 90.

TOUGH TRAINING: Only 1 in 3 make it

That's one reason why recruiters visited a motocross race here to find athletic adrenaline junkies willing to serve.

Dozens of dirt bikes whine and speed and spray dirt as they soar over jumps. The crowd is young.


"It's a good match for us," says Wayne Norrad, who's manning a recruiting booth at the Amp'd Mobile Supercross race. "We're looking for a person who likes a little adrenaline rush. Thrill seekers."

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If they really want to lure the extremers they should tell them about the Urban Combat Skateboard:


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