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Soulution to gas prices and commute.....I want one now!


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Interesting site. I like the mobile "core" of the thing that could in theory be used to power all sorts of stuff. Fuel would be difficult to find of course as their aren't man hydrogen stations around, but the site mentioned the possibility of "mini-hydrogen creator the size of a showbox." I'd like to know what inputs would be required to create your own hydrogen at needed levels to poer the core.

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Or you can wait a while and see if Yamaha goes anywhere with their YZF-R6 based hybrid motorcycle concept - course, it looks like something from the movie Judge Dred...

Yamaha Gen-Ryu

That thing is hideous :puke:

As for that Evn thing, it looks like a glorified scooter. It has a range of 100 miles. Thats not a whole lot. I mean, my buddies motorcycle gets 180 miles on a 3 gallon tank. And you can take it on the highway if you want. the Evn can only go 50 mph.

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