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Local channel airs Skins tomorrow yet Eagle on at 1:00, how is this?


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I thought the NFL rule was that if the home team plays at home, there are no other games on the same channel either before or after that game?

Local news and yahoo tv listings both indicate the Skins\Niners game is on tomorrow after the Eagles\Cowboys, which is the home opener for the Eagles.

I don't get it, but I like it!!! Now, if the Ealges would go down and the Skins win what a Sunday tomorrow will be!

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The best thing about living in Jersey is that I get to see the NY and the Philly Fox and NBC affilliates. So I get to see the Eagle/Cowboy and the Jet/Miami Game at 1pm and then I get to see the Buffalo/Denver and Skins/49Ers and the Giants/Seattle game at 4pm. And of course I get the Falcon/bengal game at 8:30pm. Who needs a dish? I get to see 6 different games tomorrow. Thank God for remote controls and picture in Picture :cool:

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