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35 points!! See it all here!! SB XXII

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Well... I got bored yesterday so I decided to make some files of the greatest 2nd Quarter in Redskins history!! January 31, 1988 to be exact. San Diego was place and Denver was the victim. If you missed it or want to relive that moment, here is your chance. This is the ACTUAL GAME FOOTAGE!! of each Redskin touchdown drive. Not some wimpy voiced-over highlight package. You will need Divx to view these files. The quality is ok I guess for an 18 year old tape/DVD conversion. The links will work for up to 90 days or 100 downloads then I will have to resubmit the share. Hope you all enjoy!! :cheers:

TD Drive#1 Williams to Sanders 80 yards (12.1 MB)


TD Drive #2 Williams to Clark 27 yards (14.0 MB)


TD Drive #3 Smith 58 yard run (12.6 MB)


TD Drive #4 Williams to Sanders 50 yards (13.7 MB)


TD Drive #5 Williams to Didier 8 yards (20.9 MB)


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That is awesome stuff, you should re-post this in the stadium

Thanks to all for the comments!! I am posting it now in The Stadium... I knew it belonged here but I do want anyone who wants to see it to get the chance. :applause:

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Amazing! Thank you so much for posting this, and it's a damned good thing that you posted it in The Stadium or else I wouldn't have seen this. I was only three when this happened, but I've always wanted to see it. If you'd want to sell a DVD, I'd be interested!

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