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How long is the wait?


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I just re-watched Ramsey's debut game against the Titans, in Spurrier's first year.

It was fun to watch. Not only are 98% of the players from that game gone from the team, but most of them are just gone from football also.

Kinda makes ya wonder how Spurrier won any games at all.

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I have some taped games i get out and watch. We used to go to philadelphia to see the redskins as i had no idea how to get tickets to fed ex. Very bad experiences. Anyways we would tape the games we went to. And i have a Monday night game against the cowboys redskins won. Its so old Gus was quarterback and Turner was coach, but fun to watch.

I also get out my one sons senior year games and watch them. Quality sucks, but its football.

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Guest ComebackKing

The week after the pro bowl things feel pretty crappy.

But as summer comes and things happen and I get busy the time usually seems to fly by. As it has been already. 121 days is still a long time though.

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