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The Eagles are having a GREAT draft

Big Weirdo

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Bunkley (DT)

Justice (OT)


Jean-Gilles (G)

Avant (WR)

Bloom (WR/KR/PR)

Gaither (OLB)

Ramsey (DT)

Very, very good. Jeremy Bloom is going to KICK ASS! on special teams. The last few picks do not matter, IMO. Andy gets an A for this draft already in my mind. Nice job, fat man!! :cheers:

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I'm a bit puzzled with the Gocong pick...why would they select a project DE (to become a LB) when there were other LBs available that were much better prospects.

Thats the only pick that I can really criticize, I like the other picks. Max-Gean Gilles was a steal, IMO.

Good draft by the looks of it, we'll see in a few years if they pan out.


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be excited about your draft on a "Eagles" message board. sorry if we dont cream our pants over your draft picks. The amount of time you guys spend here is unreal.

why do you eagle fans spend so much time on the redskins board? i have never visited an eagles board (does one exist?). not that i mind, but it is unusual i would think.

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I don't know much about Gocong and I don't know how Avant and Bloom will turn out at WR but I think the Eagles did a great job. To get the best DT in the draft (yes hes better than Ngata), then one of the top 3 OT prospects, plus steal Max Jean-Gilles in round 4 is very impressive. They have been aggressive in the draft and I think it has paid off big time. No need to hate on them, the Eagles use the draft as well as anyone in the league. The Redskins on the other hand choose to use FA so its just a difference in philosphy and of course parties on both sides will disagree with the other. I won't hate Philly fans, as much as it pains me to say it, you guys get an A in my book.

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The 1st 2 picks are nice, I dont know much about the guys they drafted after that so i cant say if its good or not, who knows.

I think the skins draft is predictable, we got the 1 player we wanted and now were drafting a bunch of practice team prospects. Our draft was in march, we didnt need that much more aside from depth.

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