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I thought Rod Jones was a great pick up. And i think most people don't realize how much of a blow his injury was. He was switched to LG and began to play well, when samuels was injured. I am sure that Rod Jones would have started the opener at LG. and i think he would have played well. Its unfortunate we can't see how jones is for next year now. But I think that we will find out Jones is a capable guard. And if we can't sign Jansen, which would suck Jones would probably take over at RT.

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Originally posted by redman

Barring catastrophe on our o-line this year, Rod Jones has played his last game for us. That may be the case regardless.

What makes you say this? He was signed for 3 years. Why are you so certain he should be whacked after an incomplete preseason when he was transitioning to a new position?

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Rod Jones played very well for us at left guard against the Panthers. He had to move to left tackle against the Steelers and he did a very solid job there, surrendering one sack after four seconds of having the QB hold the ball. He played so well against Carolina at left guard, had he played EVERY game the same way for 16 games, he'd be a Pro Bowler. Obviously, that wasn't likely to happen, but, he was very, very sound against the Panthers.

He was very sound against the Steelers at left tackle. He got hurt quick against the Bucs. Anyone saying he was not playing well simply didn't pay attention to his actual play and has allowed a quick assessment from the offensive line coach that he was struggling at right guard cloud everything that happened after that. That would be very dumb of you to do. The Jones loss is a big one for us.

Without him though, the front office should have made an additional move. They failed to do so. Even as it is, the offensive line didn't lose us the Philly game. Let's focus our attention on the unit that DID lose us the game. That's the defense. Until that's better, everything else is just chatter.

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Originally posted by Art

Without him though, the front office should have made an additional move. They failed to do so.

Given that Jones was projected for us as a guard, the trade for Stai which occurred after Jones' injury was the additional move that you were referring to I believe. Are you asking for one more on top of that one?

I'll admit that I didn't see any preseason games except for snippets of Osaka, which obviously was very early. However, the fact that Jones played RT historically, which is of course the run-blocking heavy of the two tackle positions, and couldn't transition to the run-blocking heavy RG position despite being the biggest guy on the team didn't exactly impress me. Remember, he was beaten out by Ross Tucker at RG before we traded for Stai!

Why on earth would such a big, experienced player need to be shifted to the LG position which in our scheme has him blocking in tandem with the C more often than not? In addition, there were signs that he was out of shape if I recall correctly.

In fairness, Samuels' injury and the corresponding need for Jones to move to LT to fill the void hurt his progress. But he was already a let down for us in that he couldn't cut it in the position we signed him to fill, and we had to scramble to make things work around him.

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Jones played the majority of his career at left tackle, not right tackle. In our system, the left guard uses more left tackle skills than does the right guard. Stai was a move our team had to make all along. Since the April draft we were talking about adding an interior player. Since the first day of camp Helton and the team spoke of adding a player in a couple of weeks.

Stai was that player. Stai was the guy that helped make sense of the Ramsey pick because Gurode by himself isn't as good as Stai and Ramsey, but, Gurode would probably have been better than just Ramsey on our roster for this year. Once Jones went down, Stai wasn't brought in to replace him. He was brought in fulfill the long awaited and expected move on the interior.

Jones' injury simply made us weak behind our tackles and we should have made a move for Jackson or Fina that could have solidified that position somewhat better than Vickers. Knowing he was projecting as a starting guard for the Redskins, Jones put on some weight to handle the spot better. I don't recall him actually being out of shape. Other than Bulldog commenting that he doesn't like 335 pounders inside, no one else, and not the team itself, to my recollection, commented on his shape.

Our left guard position is more like playing left tackle than the right guard position is. It requires more left tackle skills than the right guard does, and that is where I ALWAYS thought Jones should be playing because he had never held down the more brawling right guard spot which does require a different skill set and mentality.

I hope this provides clarity as to what I was saying.

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