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I say Lavar Arrington will want a trade by end of season


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If Lavar Arrington thought it was hard to play by the rules here in Washington, he will find it really unbearable in NY under their head coach. He is a ball breaker when it comes to the rules and regulations of the team, and the first time LA steps out of line he is going to get an ear full and a fine.

The other issue is his inability to play within the playbook. The Giants will find this out very early in the year when he is not in position, and has to discipline him for his conduct. Lavar is a tremendous athlete, its just a shame he cannot use it to the best of his ability, and play within the coaches parameters. In the NFL, you cannot make the mistake to take it upon yourself to rush the quarterback when your job is coverage. The same goes for running plays, when you decide to go for a sack, instead of playing your position, and stopping a run.

It will be interesting to see if he makes the changes he needed to do here in DC, but I doubt he will. Thus, I feel he will seek a trade by the end of the season.

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We'll we can only hope.

I do think that LA was an idiot to turn down more money from Miami. He is now in the largest sports microscope of media attention. New York writers are all ready writing articles on how he's not LT. Wait til he blows an assingment in the 4th quarter.

Good job LA. You know millions of dollars and South Beach is overrated anyway.

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