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The Redskins should sit with Their 53rd pick. Or maybe trade a couple later round picks for an early second. They definately need to pick up a linebacker though. Inside or outside seeing as Lemar Marshall can play either.

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I like what art says we can add staying cheap on the salary cap by adding a couple 2nd rders i wouldnt even move to the 1st at this point let it drop more to the 2nd! there is talent here drop the dead wood late rounders but i still like that kicker gostowski he might be a FA though i'd forget TE till next year probably we are ok there with the talent increasing at WR we have 4 decent guys and cooley is good there too at te not just h-back fauria is good enough if anything add a stovall big tall reciever for red zone but not really necessary plus stovall probably wont be available

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Strange you thought that Om when you finished reading me say, "There's a reason the Redskins have been inviting a number of high quality prospects in for visits. You may believe it's because the team thinks one of these guys could fall to them with the 53rd pick in the draft.

It's actually because the team intends to get a couple of them using four second-day picks (the last-pick in the seventh round is a compensatory pick, which can not be traded) and dipping in to picks next year as needed to pull it off."

The whole trade up thing means many things, including the thing I might have said a few days ago :). The roster doesn't have room for five sixth and seventh round picks. It probably can find room for a couple of first or second rounders. Dontcha think?

Good thing I semi-covered my butt too: :)

"The Redskins have seven picks in this year's draft, six of them in the last three rounds. Those picks are ammunition. A couple, perhaps, could be packaged to move up a round or two on Sunday if a certain player slips farther than anticipated (not mortgaged wholesale on one potential superstar at high noon Saturday)."

Especially given that the premise of the "debate"--at least from my end---was clearly not about moving into the second round but into blue chip top ten territory. I KNEW I should have had you sign that waiver. :)

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i say we trade a 2nd and 4th next year and a 6th this year for a high second, getting us D'Qwell Jackson, and then with 53 take Cedric Griffin or Zemaitis.

Not enough ammo there. That team would basically give up this years second for an extra sixth rounder.

To get another second is going to require next years' first.

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