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Day 2 picks, Gibbs sounds very optimistic


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Its like half of the fans are saying draft up and the other half is saying stay pat and get the best guys available for depth and the future. I'm excited about both options. With what Gibbs & Co. have said, it seems like they may actually keep all the picks they have. Gibbs metioned guys that have been some of the best for him are the ones that have been overlooked and were either undrafted or slipped down to the bottom.

He didn't rule out trading up, but it seems like they're more excited about the 2nd day picks, then anything else.

1st they like the depth in the draft at Cb and Te, and they seem to have a group of guys that they feel will not be drafted that could be some good additions for the practice squad and eventually a spot on the 1st team.

I think this idea, if it works the way Gibbs has stated, would be a better plan b/c we have our core guys and our coach's are still trying to build for the future too. We have 7 picks and Gibbs loves to get guys that were not as highly touted coming into the draft, he's 1 of the best at picking high character guys, and I have all my faith in him to pick some potential starters in the later rounds. He said, that the coaches/scouts have done most of there homework on the 2nd day picks, and they are really high on a group of guys.

So, my question is do WE as fans feel better w/ our 2nd day picks b/c of Gibbs & Co. doing the scouting and all the work it takes to get guys that are considered Gibbs guys or do you think we should not go after those guys, and trade up, or what may be even better, especially if Gibbs is really high on a bunch of later guys, is trade down for some more late picks?

I could see them trading a few 6th rounders for a 4th or something like that.

So guys and gals, it seems like most of our fun will come on day 2.

Belive me, I'm just as excited about all the depth we could bring in, just w/ the later picks. Plus, they've mentioned signing 11 undrafted free agents and thats what I love about this team now, is the fact the Redskins organization now understands that, its not the so called high profile players that make teams great, its the guys that play behind those top core players that makes a team great. The guys that come in after a core guy gets hurt and produces at that same high level, sometimes even better. Your only as strong as your weakest link, so lets make our weakest links stronger then ever.

I'm so excited, as you guys can read. Day 2 will be maybe the most important day of the whole draft for us. Its funny b/c all we've really talked, read, or watched is the top picks in rd 1 and 2, and it feels now like day 2 will be the biggest day for us in the draft. I just want to thank Gibbs & Co. in advanced for all the hard work they put in and I know we will be great w/ the direction Gibbs has turned us in. Nobody can say anything bad about what our teams done under Gibbs, and most guys w/ football smarts feels the same way, even if they are a rival.

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a few targetted players by the Skins...

The second day will have much more action. Of the 98 picks on that day, six belong to the Redskins. I think that there is a very good chance that they will take Wisconsin tight end Jason Pociask with one of those second-day picks. Among the other second-day prospects that the Redskins will be taking a close look at are guards Will Montgomery of Virginia Tech and Adam Stenavich of Michigan, Purdue defensive end Rob Ninkovich, and Miami of Ohio cornerback Darrell Hunter. I would not be surprised if the Redskins took a running back in the late going as Ladell Betts is in the last year of his contract, but I don’t have an educated guess at a name.
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