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At #53, we should draft a CB? LB? or a DL?

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I looked around and couldn't beleive there wasn't a poll for this!

Assuming we stand pat at the 53rd overall pick in the draft... Heck, even if we decided to trade up... what position should we fill with our first pick?

I dont think anyone could make a solid argument for anything other than one of these 3 positions, and even one of them I think would be a weak argument. For that reason, I'm only giving you three choices. So whats it going to be?

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Best player available from this crop:

D'Qwell Jackson, LB (Maryland)

Jonathan Joseph, CB (S. Carolina)

Thomas Howard, LB (UTEP)

Rocky McIntosh, LB (Miami)

Leonard Pope, TE (Georgia)

Max-Jean Gilles, G (Georgia)

Kelly Jennings, CB (Miami)

Ashton Yobouty, CB (Ohio State)

I think its very likely that we will end up with either McIntosh or Jennings. I would be thrilled to get either.

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As somebody already said, you should put an option on there for OL.

There are a lot of good gaurds available in this draft. Dockery is in a contract year and Thomas is coming off a serious injury. Considering these things and the fact that offensive line injuries have hampered our past two seasons, I think taking a quality gaurd at #53 would be a very smart move.

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Guest santana4prez

I think getting a Defensive End to groom if Tapp or MK is still on the board would be great. If neither is still on the board I would go best available LB/CB.

We should go D-end with Darryl Tapp. Him and carter on each side will dominate. Then in the 5th we should pick Zemitas or A D- Tackel.

I agree about Tapp but some Mocks have us actually taking Zemaitis in the 2nd Round at #53 so I dont see him slipping to the 5th Rd.

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Warrick Holdman was horrible last season and Chris Clemons is questionable. I think we take a Linebacker only if we think he can start by the beggining of the season. Linebackers such as DeMeco Ryans, Bobby Carpenter, Roger McIntosh, or Thomas Howard. If we can't get one of those, I say we pick a Cornerback such as Cedric Griffin, Daneial Manning, or MAYBE Kelly Jennings. Only Kelly Jennings if GW and GB believe he can learn to tackle.

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I didnt put OL there because there wont be a QUALITY offensive linemen at #53. I was tempted to put TE there, but didnt think it very likely.

I chose CB for my vote because there should be a quality CB at 53 in cedrick. Our defensive secondary is consistently plagued with injuries. We will get more playing time out of a rookie CB than a linebacker.

In addition, greg williams and dale lindsey have proven they essentially have the ability to make a good linebacker out of thin air.

The only way i would advocate taking a linebacker or defensive lineman is if manny lawson magically falls to us. The dude was a pimp at NC state and can play on the line or as a linebacker.

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i just want a good quality nickle corner that can mold to start opposite carlos rogers. i dont see the possibility of drafting a linebacker with the 2nd pick unless he was a lock to start. what if they draft the linebacker and he doesnt win the job? well folks thats a wasted pick IMO.

Go deep witha DB!

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