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Papa Johns and Bars!


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I am bored due to the offseason so I am going to start the dumbest thread on Extremeskins history.

I just ordered papa johns pizza and It made me remember the 49'ers game because I tried to order the Redskins special (like a free topping for every touchdown scored, double that number if the team wins) and they would not let me do it. I think the total number of toppings I wanted was like 14. They said it would not cook correctly or something like that. Anybody else try to order this? Anybody actually get the 14 (is this number right???) toppings? I also remember thinking that Loyd was the only offense they had and if we could stop him (which we did) then we would demolish the Niners (Which we did).

My favorite pizza is Pinneapple and Bacon but my 14 toppings went something like this:

1. Pinnapple

2. Bacon

3. Ham

4. Chicken

5. Beef

6. Pepperoni

7. Sausage

8. Green Peppers

9. Onions

10. Mushrooms

11. Extra Pinneapple

12. Extra Bacon

13. Extra Cheese

14. Hot peppers

The other thing is I go to school at GWU and have no car because it is 300 dollars a month to park and I wouldn't have anywhere to drive. I like to go to the games but sometimes I can not get tickets and I am a broke college student. Does anybody have a good Redskins bar to go to that is downtown? Or Metro excessable to the Blue/Orange line? Let me know, I think I went to rock bottom for the cowboys game and there were only like 10 other Skins fans watching with me. Still one of the greatest days of my life though.

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it sucks not living up there anymore cuz they dont do that pizza deal down here on the peninsula. i'm sure that just about any bar around DC is a pretty good place to watch the game. i wish i could offer more help.


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