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Taking my Lacrosse team to play during half time PICTURES ADDED


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at a Baltimore Bayhawks game!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Got the invite Sunday night from their events coordinator. My Middle School team will scrimmage a team from Lancaster, during halftime at a professional lacrosse game!

Saturday May 27th, 7:30 at Johnn Unitas Field at Towson University.

My players are freaking out! :laugh:

Kind of cool to get some Central PA kids in front of major league players in the lacrosse hotbed of the world. (arguably)

Tix are available, and Yes, they serve beer. Hell of alot cheaper than FedEX :laugh: :cheers:

Had to share

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The Red Lion Jr. High boys lacrosse team beat Kennard-Dale 12-1 last night. With less than 3 minutes left in the 1st quarter, the score was 1-1. Coach Bill called a timeout and told the team he wanted 3 more goals by the end of the quarter. The team produced those 3 goals to fill their quota like a cop on the 29th of the month. In between the 1st and 2nd quarters, Coach Bill told the offense that he wanted more goals and told the defense and the goalie that he did not want them to give up anymore goals. The team responded and the players walked away, for the most part, injury-free.

Saturday, we travel to Shrewsbury to play Warrior, our heated rivals. Hopefully we can walk away from that game with a win as well.

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The Ref that I was giving the "business" to. This was his last game after being involved in the game of lacrosse for 39 years as a ref, coach, and player on all levels including college!!!!!11 :thud:

Great guy that had no problem bouncing a coach out of the game. never happened to me though. :halo:

Don't think that I'll last that long

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Sweet. I miss Lacrosse. I don't understand why the ******* out here on the West Coast play indoor volleyball instead of Lacrosse. Indoor Volleyball is the Southern California version of Lacrosse, but we all know that LAX Rules... seriously... did the Indians forget to bring Lacrosse west?

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Awesome pics, I bet your boys had a blast.

Y'all have no idea. We played on this very "young" field that had four other programs (age levels) playing on it. Got beat to hell.

Kids get down to Towson State and can actually bounce pass???? FORGET IT!:laugh:

They were all OVER it

My Team Captain came over to the sidelines with a HUGE grin on his face after the first "face" That's him in the face off pic.

Considering that he was right around 80 to 85 percent win in the regular season on crap fields???? Safe to say that he was loving life!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :laugh:

I'll finish the saga in the morning. gotta get to bed. :snore:

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Came down to a shoot out after we were tied at 5 after regulation. We pulled it out with alot of team work and a hell of alot of effort. There were some tired kids at the end of this day. one being the team captain, who flat out worked his arse off all season. What a night! and what a SEASON!!!!!!!!!!

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Nice job William. Looks like you guys had a lot of fun.

Thanks brother, The parents are telling me that the kids are still buzzing about it. I guess they got a little "love" from their peers.

The best part about it was the Cumberland Valley parents thanking me for asking their kids to play with us. :)

Quality program, quality coaching, quality players, quality parents.

It was nice to see

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