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NFC East Not Best Divison In Football?


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the one thing that the nfc east has over any other division, however, is the quality of the couching. gibbs, williams, saunders, reid, parcells, coughlin. these are rediculously good coaches.

Got to agree 100%.

NFC East- Gibbs, Reid, Parcells, and Coughlin

NFC South- Gruden, Fox, Mora, and Payton

No comparison!!

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I think the only victory that the top NFC south team (panthers probably) will be able to claim over us is a better winning record against their own division. I think its gonna be much tougher to sweep Dallas this year (still can be done though) and we will probably split with the Giants again. The Eagles with Mcnabb is gonna be much improved over the team we beat last year, and all of the East teams are gonna beat up on eachother loads, there isnt yet one dominant force but generally i think that the East is the better division.

That said, cant wait for september!


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